New dog friend.

On our walk this weekend we met a new friend.


Best Birthday Present ever!

My birthday is in February.

Due to posting issues, my sister in South Africa postponed sending

this precious present.

Two weeks ago she said:

“Keep an eye out, I’ve posted your present.”

It took less than two weeks to reach me.

I opened the envelope.

I at first stared in awe!




Sorry folks!

I have not been to the groomers.

This is how I look at the moment.


House Sitting(3): Last animals

There were many birds around.

As soon as it got light(not sunrise yet) Tui’s sang their songs.(5 am)

Tui’s also ended the day just after dark.(9.30 pm)

There was also a flock of sheep that we had to keep an eye on.

They were in a paddock not far from the house.

From the bedroom, we could see them grazing.

One day we had very heavy rain pouring down.

The movement of the running water amused Trompie.


My last one on this house sitting is going to be about Trompie inspecting everything every morning and evening.

Also the beauty of the landscape and place.

A day in Trompie’s life!

After the earthquake and then the stormy weather with floods we had a dry day. We (Trompie and I) walked up the hill. On our way up, we found some baby birds on the pavement. Blown out of their nests into the wetness without their parents they could not survive.


Trompie had a sniff at it.


This morning we visited Trompie’s cousins Molly and Luigi.


 We also met Lilly one of Trompie’s girlfriends on our late afternoon walk.


Meeting a new lady friend.

When my mum takes photos, she puts the end of my lead under her one foot, so I can’t escape or go too far away from her.

Once again, she was busy taking this photo


when a new girly came along. I was excited and pulled, next thing the lead was coming my way, and I could run to greet this lovely lady. At first, she wanted to snap at me, but I knew how to handle this type of behaviour!


Whoof I had a good sniff at the end


Animals on the farm. Gratitude Project

What have you been grateful for this week?

That is what Colline at    asks every week.

Processed with Rookie

I am grateful to have a friend that lives on a small holding.

I am interested in photographing pets and animals.

My friend has a variety of animals.

During the week I had a feast taking photos of the special animals.

Grateful, I am for sure for the opportunity.

Cleo the donkey


Scarlet, Cleo’s mother


Bella the pot belly pig


Twin lambs



Mother sheep


Sonny the rescue Greyhound


And last but not the least

Snoopy the cat



My dear friend and the friendly cat Snoopy.

Hope you enjoyed joining me on my outing.