JusJoJan: 7 January 2020: Mix


The prompt for JusJoJan January 7th, 2020, is “mix.” Use the word “mix” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Mix and match that’s the easiest way to dress. When buying clothes I always look for something that could go with something else. Also if I can use it in other combinations too. When you mix certain colours with each other you can get a totally different colour. 

I love a garden with mixed flowers and colours. It makes a fresh and summery air.

 Something I don’t like much is when a dog or cat breeder mix the types of dogs/cats with each other. It’s a modern way of breeding. Mixing a Poodle with a Labrador; end result Labradoodle! Real mix up. Poor animals. They don’t know if they must be an upstairs poodle or a pleasant caring Labrador.

Life is anyway an example of mixes; be it ideas, ways of handling situations or just deciding where you may walk or live.

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Schnauzer Poem

Schnauzer Poetry
My Heart Belongs To A Schnauzer
Bushy, flowing moustache,
With eyes that pierce your heart
Protective and intelligent – A friend right from the start.
A dog who loves to romp and play, so spirited and fun,
Yet always there to listen
To your cares when day is done.
A charming disposition – Affectionate and sweet
A Schnauzer shares my world each day,
And makes my life complete.​​​​​​
(author: unknown)
Schnauzer Friends South Africa schnauzerfriends@gmail.com 


Early morning adventure.

Early morning adventure.

Friday, April 13, my favourite day!

I usually take Trompie for a quick walk before I leave home at about ten past seven.

With all the bad weather I did not take him for these early walks. I am in the lucky position now to have a fenced garden. I let him out at half past six, but he kept on telling me he wanted to go out.

I know why he wants to go out. He loves to sniff out cat poop to eat.

I put Trompie on his lead. I told him I am already late, he better hurry up.

The road in front of my house is a double drive with an isle in the middle grown with grass.

We crossed the road and walked past the farm where there are about fifty sheep and four cows. It smelled like the farm. Trompie kept on trying to push through the fence. He wasn’t in a hurry at all.

I forced him to keep on walking. We crossed the road just after passing the roundabout.

We were back on the side where my house is. When we came around the bend,


On the middle part were two huge, white, fat pigs looking at us.

Trompie looked at them, and they looked back.

Image result for pencil drawing of schnauzer

Trompie and I slowly moved nearer

You know what these two pigs did?

At first, they stared at us.

We stared back in amazement.

They turned around in a flash, squealing and off they went, back home.

Image result for drawing of two pigs



260 words


Writing + Memoir: House sitting an old dog called Meggie

I did house sitting for four weeks which ended Sunday, August 21. I cared for a sixteen- year-old Border Collie named Meggie. I wrote the following about Meggie for my writing group on Friday.


Doef, doef, doef, swoosh

Doef, doef, doef, swoosh

Doef, doef, doef swoosh

From kitchen to the bedroom.

Bump, bump, around.

Doef, doef, doef, swoosh; doef, doef, swoosh

Back to the kitchen!

Scratch, click, click nails on the linoleum floor.

Up and down, up and down through the passage from the kitchen to the bedroom and back again. For at least half an hour.

The poor Meggie can’t get herself to lie down.

“Just take it easy Meggie! Slow down now!” It doesn’t help to talk to her because she is deaf. If I want her to react, I attract her attention by standing in front of her so that she can see me.

It is tough for her to let her back and bottom fall to the floor. There is something wrong with her nerves, and she has arthritis. Poor dog.

She has got dementia too because she would take a walk and then just stop, and stare in front of her. I usually kept an eye on her and would attract her attention and show her to move on. She could stand just where she was for long times.

The first two evenings Meggie was crying before she let herself fall to the floor. I gave her lots of time during the four weeks of my stay, to lie down and rest. It helped because if she had been moving or walking up and down too much, I think her legs and body aches too much.

The following is how twenty-four hours of my days/nights happened.

Early morning:

“ Look out Ineke, don’t step on Meggie.”

She usually sleeps in the kitchen doorway.

Touching her:

“Come on old girl. Get up! Let’s go outside.”

She’ll go outside and would stay out till I tell her to come back inside.

It does not matter if it rains. She gets wet and never came inside without me showing her to enter!

“Meggie, come on, come inside. You are soaking wet.” I rubbed her dry.

I had to lock her up in her kennel for the time I had to work. If I did not lock her up, she’d just stand outside in the rain.

Coming home in the afternoons, I first had to open the gate, drive the car inside, close the gate again. Then let Meggie out of the kennel. There were only three dry days that I could let her be outside her kennel during the afternoon.

 Dinner time. After dinner, Meggie got a treat. A small cone with some ice-cream. I also enjoyed an ice-cream after dinner.

Then it was time to calm down and have a nap before turning in.

“Meggie, stop moving up and down. You’re making me nervous with your turning around and around. Just settle down now!” As soon as I sat down, she’ll also lie down.

Then just before bedtime:

‘Meggie, wake up! Let’s go for a wee!” She’ll wake up as soon as she smells me passing her. She’ll get up and out of the door. Then it’s time again to keep an eye out for her to come back inside.

“Where could she be? Oh, there you are.” I clap my hands, and she’ll come inside. Usually, I had to dry her with a towel. Then we are off to bed. Again an up and down session and boom, off to relax now.

Every early morning Meggie would get up.

“Oops, I did not hear you getting up Meggie! Just look what you have done! Now I have to clean up behind you! Sigh!” Lucky for me that I first put the light on before going down the passage to the kitchen.

Then back to bed for another two hours and time to start a new day.

This was only twenty-four hours I had for four weeks!

House sitting 1: First encounter

My first night(Friday) was miserable because


could not get herself to lie down in front of her Mum’s bed!

She knew her Mum wasn’t there.

She is sixteen already and full of arthritis.

At the end, she managed.


Saturday morning.Here are some photos of my new surroundings. Cold, wet, windy. Not a good start but everything went well. Meggie had a three hours sleep in the kitchen.

This morning(Sunday) everything was much better.

Meggie waking up after her night’s sleep.


Tomorrow I’m off to school again. Hopeful that the two dogs will manage without me for some time!


Local: The Daily post: Photo challenge


“Home” is more than where we sleep at night. It is a place that is familiar and comforting, and it gives us a sense of belonging. Home is what and who is local — the places and people we know by heart.- says Jen H at WordPress

Tuesday morning

Awesome sunrise!

This is where my home is in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.

In the middle in the background my unit, my home

Then the one and only buddy. At home on my chair.


I see you!

Home is where the heart is

Blogging from A-Z: Letter C





Sally a young kitty CAT

and Munro an older







Coco is n Labra-doodle. Sy is meer doodle dan Labra. Baie meer gesofostikeerd in haar doen en late dan n Labrador d.w.s. meer poedel.

Ek pas gereeld my vriendin se huis op. Dit gaan meer oor die oppas van die honde en katte dan van die huis self. Coco het nog n “niggie” wat ook n labradoodle is. Ek sal haar op n latere geleentheid wys.

Coco het n wil van haar eie. Sy hou daarvan om te blaf uit jaloesie as haar maat met my hond speel. Sy wil net heeltyd hê mens moet n tennisbal vir haar gooi.

Nog ouens wat oor “C” gepos het


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