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  • Watercolors: Schnauzers?

    Do they look like Schnauzers?

  • Creative Writing: Dogs/cats

    Dogs/animals Words: teacher, sad time, discipline, horses, insects, craft (2015 Saying goodbye to Kiki) As everybody knows, I am a dog fanatic! I am not into horses; that is why I changed horses to dogs. I have undertaken a lot of house-sitting looking after families pets and places. I won’t undertake the house sitting if […]


  • Squares-up

    Trompie, looking up at me asking: “What are you doing?” Visit BekyB at https://beckybofwinchester.com/2021/01/10/square-up-10/

  • JusJoJan: 7 January 2020: Mix

    MIX The prompt for JusJoJan January 7th, 2020, is “mix.” Use the word “mix” any way you’d like. Enjoy! Mix and match that’s the easiest way to dress. When buying clothes I always look for something that could go with something else. Also if I can use it in other combinations too. When you mix certain colours […]

  • Schnauzer Poem

    Schnauzer Poetry My Heart Belongs To A SchnauzerBushy, flowing moustache,With eyes that pierce your heartProtective and intelligent – A friend right from the start.A dog who loves to romp and play, so spirited and fun,Yet always there to listenTo your cares when day is done.A charming disposition – Affectionate and sweetA Schnauzer shares my world […]

  • Early morning adventure.

    Early morning adventure. Friday, April 13, my favourite day! I usually take Trompie for a quick walk before I leave home at about ten past seven. With all the bad weather I did not take him for these early walks. I am in the lucky position now to have a fenced garden. I let him […]

  • Writing + Memoir: House sitting an old dog called Meggie

    I did house sitting for four weeks which ended Sunday, August 21. I cared for a sixteen- year-old Border Collie named Meggie. I wrote the following about Meggie for my writing group on Friday. Doef, doef, doef, swoosh Doef, doef, doef, swoosh Doef, doef, doef swoosh From kitchen to the bedroom. Bump, bump, around. Doef, […]

  • House sitting 1: First encounter

    My first night(Friday) was miserable because Meggie could not get herself to lie down in front of her Mum’s bed! She knew her Mum wasn’t there. She is sixteen already and full of arthritis. At the end, she managed. Saturday morning.Here are some photos of my new surroundings. Cold, wet, windy. Not a good start […]

  • Trompie was also in the picture

    Bea and Stella came to visit me. I took a few photos. While taking photos Trompie came up to me as if to say: What are you doing? I’m still the best am I not? Bea kept looking at Trompie!

  • Local: The Daily post: Photo challenge

    https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/local/ “Home” is more than where we sleep at night. It is a place that is familiar and comforting, and it gives us a sense of belonging. Home is what and who is local — the places and people we know by heart.- says Jen H at WordPress Tuesday morning Awesome sunrise! This is where my […]

  • Macro Moments Challenge: Week 6

    Susan hosts this challenge it is all about macro. Click on the link for information on how it works. Macro Moments Challenge: Week 6 WEEK 6 Millie’s nose

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter C

    CAT COCO CAT   Sally a young kitty CAT and Munro an older CAT COCO AFRIKAANS COCO Coco is n Labra-doodle. Sy is meer doodle dan Labra. Baie meer gesofostikeerd in haar doen en late dan n Labrador d.w.s. meer poedel. Ek pas gereeld my vriendin se huis op. Dit gaan meer oor die oppas van die […]