Gift – Train of Thoughts: Week 05

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Childhood Gift

I still remember my best childhood gift. A sleeping doll with a soft green dress!

She was so beautiful I could not keep my eyes from her. When I held her in my arms, like a baby, she would close her eyes. Then when I kept her upright, she would look at me with bright blue glassy doll’s eyes. She also had long curly golden nylon hair.

In 1952 my family moved to South Africa from the Netherlands. It was at the beginning of February when the journey started. My 6th birthday was going to be on the ship!

Next door to our home lived two sisters who, to me as a nearly six-year-old, looked very old. They were friends of my parents. A day before our departure they came over and told me that they had a present for me because they won’t see me on my birthday later in February.  I opened my present,  and guess what? In the box, all dressed up was this most beautiful doll.  Her body was soft, and her head, hands and parts of her legs were made from porcelain. Her face was beautifully painted and then those glassy blue eyes! I will never forget her eyes. She even had on some white shoes and socks.

I loved this doll so much. I never liked to give it to my sisters to play with. A year or two later one of my sisters played with it outside. She forgot to bring it in and the early morning dew ruined my lovely doll’s face. She was never the beauty again.

Off with her head…. Monday finish the story

Mondays Finish the Story – May 4th, 2015

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with:
“After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart!”

What an awful feeling. She had a throbbing headache after she executed her favourite doll.

“Pink love, my lovely doll! How could you do this to me?” Rachel was thinking back to yesterday.

When she came home, her love doll was in the arms of her best friend. Without a word Rachel grabbed the doll. Put it on the table. She picked up her mother’s big sharp knife.

Shouted: “ Off with her head!”

Whoosh… and the head went to the floor. Rolling, rolling and rolling till it stopped in front of her friends feet.

Rachel pulled the rest of the doll apart.

She saw the doll in pieces and started crying. Rachel’s friend went over and put her arms around her when she realized that it was Rachel that was falling apart because of her experience with her parents…

Mondays Finish the Story