Lady Duck basking in the sun.

Arriving at school just before 3 pm Lady Duck was on the fence basking in the bit of sunshine. She just stood up, stretched her legs when I opened the car door.

“Quak, quak!” she said and down she went going on with her basking! The creek flows at the other side of the fence.



Another duck tale… FFfAW week of 05-13-2015

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 5-13-2015

Duck’s eye of few:

The river is full after days of heavy rain. The duck family escaped the flood at the moment. They are looking for a way out.

Suzy duck, told this family to come and live with them in a quiet pond.. As always, it is better to be with the familiar than moving to an unknown place. Now it is too late. They don’t know in which direction to go. The  flood was on top of them before they could reach safety. They are stranded in an unknown place. What must they do? Start flying or stay here on the path?

Hunter’s eye of view:

Lucky me! Now I can show my friends what I can do with a shotgun. Take aim, pull the trigger! Bhawa!

Off they are! All of them!

Lucky for the ducks this time, not for the hunter.

FFfAW Week of April 29, 2015 : Duck tale

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Week of 4-29-2015

©Dawn Miller


This is the best spot we can go to. We need to move fast!

The duck shooting season started yesterday. I hope to be in time to warn my family and friends to move away from our summer pond to this quiet pond.

The pond where we are at the moment is very overcrowded. The stream and dam is nearly dry after the drought. I mothered 16 ducklings and only 3 survived the season. I really want them to survive.Maybe I should quietly only bring them over here.We can start a new life, without fighting for a morsel to eat. Hubby Duck will also love it here.

This pond will be ideal for my new nest and eggs.

Friendship Friday: Visiting a farm

Friendship Friday


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From the start my Japanese student wanted to see sheep.

I have a friend living on a small holding and

we visited her to meet the animals.

Cats, sheep, 1 pig, 2 donkeys and lots of ducks.

First up was the sheep. It is still one of the two lambs I have photographed a while ago.

It is nearly fully grown but still loves  her bottle.

(not milk but only water!)

My student did not like the idea of feeding the donkeys.

My friend asked her to help her brush them but that was way to dusty for her!

She thoroughly enjoyed the outing although the sand flies have bitten her  on her naked feet and legs!