Baby Talk: Yummy, yummy? Not exactly!

Bea eating some squashed apple!


School stories: Early breakfast!

Every morning we open our Restaurant at the

Before School Center.

The table is neatly set!


The kitchen table.

Each girl has a task.


The customers are ready to have breakfast.



Start eating!


We have the best cooks and waiters!

Dinner at Genghis Khan Restaurant

The school where I do the before school and after school care decided to hold their end of year Christmas dinner on Saturday evening.

One of the school’s teachers and her husband invited me to drive with them into Wellington.  It was a very interesting evening. At first, we had some corn and chicken soup.

The main meal was cooked by the chefs on the big barbeque.

You had to fill your bowl with noodles, veggies, meat and different sauces. The chef then took the bowl and emptied it on the bbq. In about five minutes it was cooked and ready.

The dessert was delicious chocolate ice cream. The name was smoking chocolate ice cream.




My principal dressed in Christmas clothes.