Baby Talk: Dinner and a horse ride!

The family is back from their Christmas outing.

We had a lovely meal together.

While waiting for our food

Dad gave Bea her meal.

Then we had fun!

We went to Grandma’s place.

Guess what I did?




I was so wild from the start Grandma could not get some good photos.

Only in full motion.

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If you take a good look you can also see grandma’s squeaky Snoopy dog in front of me riding with me on the horse! This doggy is still my Dad’s toy. He still remembers it.


School Stories: Before School Care

Every morning Monday to Friday

before school starts at

7:30 am

Little ones (5-year-old) build

fences and cages for


They love to play and build.


Bigger girls make bracelets and other items like

fruit, hotdogs or bees using

loom bands.

Hard at work

Image result for loom bands nz


 Some are playing games on iPad


On the road! Sunday Photo Fiction – September 6th 2015

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On the road!

“Wow, here comes a truck!” Sarah lifted her skirt up, showing her well shaped tanned leg.

Sarah needed to hurry up and get herself a ride to the next town.

“I just have to keep on flashing my legs,” she thought.”I really need to get a ride soon. My fiance won’t wait if I am not there on time.”

The big truck stopped next to Sarah in a cloud of dust. Out jumped the well-built, good looking young driver.

“Hello, gorgeous! You wanna lift? Where you wanna go?”

He opened the truck’s door.

Sarah started to explain: “I’m on my way  …..”

The truck driver grabbed her and pushed her onto the front seat. A pair of other hands pulled her inside. In a state of shock Sarah thought:”What are they going to do to me? I never should have flashed my legs!”

Too late girly!


Thanks for reading!