Heritage: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

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This week, share a photo that channels a living tradition, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.


I do not know if it was my father who started the photo scrapbook

or if my grandmother/father had started it.

After both, my parents had passed my

younger sister gave me the following scrapbook

as an heirloom.

Front cover:20170521_112948

 Family tree written by my father.



My young grandparents from my fathers side



Childhood: Memoirs

About my life and past

I  always wanting to please others. I can’t stand up for myself and say what I think because I don’t want to hurt others. This is how it still is today  I feel I am always coming last.

I can’t remember much of growing up, only small events come up and then go again.

The ” It’s write easy” sessions every Friday helps me to get closure in my life.

I always had someone in my life that dominated me.

First, it was my father keeping me away from enjoying my life as a scholar. The first years while we were living in Pretoria and then in Erasmia, a tiny “dorpie” (village or small town) at first was quite good. I had a few best friends at school. They even came to my home to play, and I could go on a Friday afternoon and play at their places. The school had only four teachers, and we all played and learned as if we were a big happy family. My school work was of high standard and I also enjoyed the after school activities like “korfball” * and athletics. In my last year in primary education, I was the best girl athlete in school.  

Then came the bad years. We moved to a “plot”**, away from anything. When I look back on those years, we lived a life of going nowhere.  I did not have any friends during my High school years. There was no opportunity to make friends. I could not take part in any after school events because my father did not want to pick me up afterwards. (I understand it was difficult for him, it was out of his way to pick me up) My school work did not go well. I can’t remember if there was time for homework at all.

We did not have electricity at home. We still used candles. I had to get up early, help my mother to milk the goats and then off to school in the school bus that took about an hour to get to school.  Coming back by bus in the afternoons, I had to look after the goats while they were grazing in the fields.

I got more and more lonely. Nobody to talk to, nothing. At the end I passed high school every year, I don’t know how but I did. Those years were very hard years.

I appreciate it that my parents looked after me that well. I could actually never expand my way or use my ideas.  I was always criticised no matter what I said or did.




a small piece or area of ground:

a garden plot; burial plot.

a measured piece or parcel of land:

a house on a two-acre plot.


Baby shower/stork party/ooievaars-tee

Today was Stella, my daughter in law’s baby shower. The house was decorated in a wonderland of owls, toadstools, balloons and sweet treats.

Pressies galore


Stella enjoying opening the parcels.


We made some elephants using towels.

Baby cake!

The mother to be.


A big thank you toStella’s mother and sister Melissa for organising this awesome shower.




Toeka-Tokkel no 17: n Mens in elke blom…

Welkom by volgende Toeka-Tokkel uitdaging!

Hoe dit werk? Kliek asb skakel vir verdere inligting.


Ons skryf Afrikaans en geniet dit gate uit!

Ons tema die week is:

n Mens in elke blom


n Blom in elke mens.

Image result for pansies images


n Gesiggie herinner my aan my ma wat in 2006 oorlede is. Dit is sommer ook n huldeblykie aan haar. Sy het altyd 6de Junie verjaar.
My Ma het altyd gesiggies geplant wanneer dit tyd was. Sy het hul getrou met n gietertjie water gegee terwyl daar waterbeperkings was.Dit was ook haar daaglikse loop-oefening gewees. Wanneer ek die kleurvolle gesiggies sien dink ek met liefde en ook hartseer aan haar. Sy was saggeaard en n liefdevolle moeder, asook eggenoot vir my pa.

Gesiggies word ook beskryf as”heart’s-ease” (Griekse benamimg vir gesiggies)

Gaan lees gerus wat die verduideliking van gesiggies in die volgende skakel is.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pansy  Historical back ground

Die volgende mense het lekker oor speletjies gesels.

Baie dankie aan die ywerige deelnemers. Sonder julle sou Toeka-Tokkel al dood geloop het.

Eerste was weer

OLGA – Jy is n ou doring hoor. Monopoly is te langdradig (ek stem saam!)


Kameel het nie deelgeneem omdat sy nog hard besig is met haar Bybel vroue A-Z Sy het wel vertel van speletjies in kommentaar

Toorts het sommer n hele hoop speletjies onthou

Toortsie se Toeka Tokkel oor speletjies

Tannie Frannie moe meisie speletjies speel…


Junie opdragte

18. Eetgoed – toe en/of nou
19. Grot
20. Die see
21. Verandering

Ons volgende opdrag is

EETGOED – toe en/of nou

Blogging from A-Z: Letter F



Family is a  very important part of my life.

I moved to New Zealand in 2009.

My son moved to New Zealand in 2005.

This is the last photo taken of use while my mother was still alife.

Very precious.

Mum passed away in 2006.


Die familie foto is baie besonders.

Vier generasies van vrouens!

Moeder,(Ouma, Oumagrootjie)

Ma, dogter, kleindogter, agter kleindogters

More/ nog meer  F..





My father : Flash back 1993

I want to share the following about my dear father.

On Fridays I attend a writing group in our local library.

I have been writing anecdotes since 2012.

At this stage I am using my older writings and edit and also expand them.

For today we had to do a short description of a person.

Illustrate characteristics of the character.

Use some conversation to illustrate it.

Here is my description of my father:


My father was about 5’7”/1.7 m.. tall, not very thin but also not really fat more stocky. As long as I can remember he did not have much hair, only a ring around the lower part of his head. My parents always explained this balding:”… The military cap stopped the hair growing because he had to wear it every day and night during the war..”

My father wasn’t a man of many words and jokes. He did not smile or laugh much.I was always looking to please him because he was very strict. It seems that he was a perfectionist when it came to planning and doing things.

I think he loved to work in the garage, fixing his car when it was broken.(Maybe he hated it, and had to do it. I will never know) He was really handy when it came to fixing and planning the best ways. He was the patriarch of the family. We obeyed him in everything.

Even after I had my own family my father still ruled and wanted me to do things as he wanted it up till his death.

On his death bed he still told my son, who was only 13: “Don’t be like your father. Look well after your mother!”

He also went on: “You have to come back to the Reformed Church.” I went over to my husband’s church the Dutch Reformed Church. It shows, till the end he wanted his way.

My father even had an argument with my mother before he passed away about her love for him.

He asked my mother:” Do you love me?” She answered “Yes, always will”. He went on: “Impossible you can’t love a person like me. You don’t love me.” Those words broke my mother’s heart. She had given her everything to him and our family. Afterwards she could not stop crying. I told her that he did not mean it like that.

This whole episode made me feel so sad and my heart yearned to wipe out those last words.