Crossing the street: Sunday Photo Fiction-Dec. 13, 2015

134 12 December 13th 2015

“Can you believe it Quirk? It is green, just like us!” Zweack squeaked into  his tiny microphone in front of his sharp beak.

“Tell us more about it Zweack. Hurry up you don’t have very long to stay invisible.”

Zweack opened his beak to reply when he suddenly turned into a tornado spout. Round and around it went and then…

“Mummy, Mummy I caught a green alien!” Jimmy shouted.

“Jimmy come on, stop fantasizing. The green light won’t stay green to cross the street! Hurry up.”

Mum grabbed Jimmy’s hand in which Zweack was stuck to the place he had landed. His eyes were shocked because he thought he was going back to his spaceship. He took his glue gun and shot a squirt down Jimmy’s finger. He quickly slid down into the middle of the road. Next thing Zweack was run over by a black tyre. He clung for dear life as flat as a pancake.

“Phew, that nearly killed me.”

“Bleep, bleep,” came the call he was waiting for: “ Hang on we’re picking you up.”

Horse talk: Sunday Photo Fiction

133 12 December 6th 2015

“Hey Lily girl, why are you so sad? You look exhausted.” Molly-horse was amazed by the look on Lily-horse’s face.

Molly loved to talk a lot. She always had the idea that, letting yourself heard was better than to keep quiet.

She kept on galloping around telling the world about the adventures they had. Yesterday was a day of outings. Visitors took Lily, Molly and two pack horses for a day’s tramping. When they returned home late afternoon Lily could hardly stand. Her rider had pushed her up and down the most difficult paths. She could never stop to rest or drink a bit.

“I hate those people who can’t use the path to reach the top of the hill. Why do I always get the most active riders? I’m getting too old for all this galloping.” Lily felt like passing out. She could not stand the way Molly fussed about nothing.

Lily fell over and  passed away.

Revenge. Picture it and write


She had been as fit as a fiddle. Ready for her fight that night. She thought of all the hate and hurt she had in her life. Her contestant was her biggest enemy since her affair with her fiance. That night would be her revenge.

She was dressed in special winning colors. Green was her best color. She always had something green for luck.

The bell announcing the first round made the adrenaline flow. She pumped her muscles. Ready for the first hit, full in the face. The two women tested each other.

Then, with one blow her fist hit the target. One blow and her enemy was flat out on her back in the ring. Counting… One…two…..ten..OUT!

She danced with joy. The winner again after only 10 seconds.

The crowd went crazy. They loved her performance.


Sunday Photo Fiction: The Barn

131 11 November 22nd 2015

People slowly gathered in front of the old barn. All were anxious to meet the new performer. Nobody knew what he looked like and what he would show them.

The town’s people heard about the performer when the distant drums sounded in the woods. Each sound had a different meaning which was the way they communicated with far away settlements. The drums told the village people to gather in the barn at eleven o’clock.

The doors opened.  Music sounded from inside inviting everybody in to join the show. When all were inside the door was shut and locked from the outside.

A strange sound came from behind the curtains. All became dark, just one shining ball could be seen.

A dark voice said: You are all interested in magic. I’ll show you magic by shipping you all to my kingdom.


The omen: FFfAW – week 11-17-2015


“I can’t go on anymore!”  Sophy slowly went down on her knees. She bent over and stretched out between the long grass covering her face in her arms. Her tears were wetting the arms of her t-shirt. She was sobbing and did not realize that something slowly floated up to her.

A soft voice called her name: “Sophy, Sophy don’t give up! You are strong and can fight your father’s abuse. I’ll help you. You just have to believe in yourself.”

Sophy slowly lifted her head.  In front of her was a shimmering white peacock. It’s tail wide open reflecting the last sunshine of the day.

The white peacock’s eyes were soft and calming. It brought a good omen of escape and healing to Sophy.

She got up and went home to face her father. She stood strong against his mental abuse and walked away never to return again.

Word count : 149



Watching: Sunday Photo Fiction, Nov 15, 2015

130 11 November 15th 2015

The tramp gazed at the lion head. He heard the voice again:”Find the gate with the lion head. Look closely. It will bring you luck.”

Hardy had some issues with finding the right gate and lion. He found two without any sign of luck.

The one in front of him winked at him. He looked away and then back. Yes, it showed some movement. The mouth was slowly saying something. Hardy concentrated on the lion. He went closer.

” Put your hand in my mouth.”

He slowly reached, a strong hand pushed him forward. The next moment an arm went around his neck:

”Where are the diamonds? Tell me or….”

Hardy could not remember much. The arm let go and the police were all over the attacker. He felt something heavy hit his head.

Voices started calling: “Hardy, are you okay. Well done. We caught all of them.”

Word count: 150




Wrong dice : Picture it and write

The wrong dice


The dice did not fall in the right places! Shame on the dealers.

Katy had never been very lucky when it came to gambling. She thought that she would try it for the last time and then never do it again if she lost.

It was time for the usual evening “gambling”session in the retirement village. They were not allowed to gamble openly. Mark had arranged for the five friends to meet in his garage. He had some space to put a table, chairs and some candles to light up the place.

All five were sitting around the table waiting for the last throw. Katy took the dice. Shook them and also blew on them.

She threw them. They rolled. One, a two and a one! She could not believe her bad luck again.

She had to take out her dentures, that was all she still owned.

154 words


The hole : Sunday Photo Fiction – November 01, 2015

128 11 November 1st 2015

“Sammy, where are you?” Sam’s dad called down the hole in the old mine shaft.

No answer at first. Then very softly came a tiny voice from deep out of the darkness.

“Daddy, Daddy!” Sam’s dad felt like jumping into the hole to comfort his little boy.

Again a faint:”Daddy, I’m afraid. Help me!”

“Don’t move son. I am calling for help. Everything will be okay. I am coming to rescue you! Just hang on son.”

Sammy’s dad called for help on his phone. He asked for ropes and extra people to climb down the deep hole. They had to hurry because it had already been twelve hours since Sammy got lost.

The rescue team came and found Sammy deep down the dark hole. They took Sammy to hospital. He was treated for dehydration and shock. Lucky for him that they found him on time.

Everybody warned about the dangerous open shaft. It was fenced off but it still wasn’t covered.

Swords: Picture it and write


“What happened to me? Why are all these Roman swords around my seat?” Laelia could not believe it. She remembered walking down Main Street with her friends. Suddenly everything went black as if she was pulled down a long tunnel. Down, down she went.

She closed her eyes and it felt as if she was floating on her back.

With a soft thumb she was pushed down in a sitting position.

Laelia opened her eyes. Unbelievable!

She was all dressed up in the softest clothes. She felt like a royal woman. Then again her thoughts went back to the situation, her sitting on the seat with all those weapons around her.

“Hail to Laelia! Hail to our princess!” people were shouting.

Suddenly with a thud Laelia woke up! She was spread out, legs in casts after a nasty fall while walking down the street with her friends.


Look out! Monday Finish the Story October 26, 2015


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Finish the story begins with: “I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured.”

“Shoo, shoo, leave me alone” My voice is only croaking. The vulture flies away.

I can’t exactly remember what happened to me. My thoughts are blurred by pain and I feel like fainting again. I must not do the fainting. The vultures will see that I am lifeless and will start eating my bruised flesh. Here is one sitting next to me.  
“Hey chum, what happened to you? You look as if the vultures started their meal on you.”

I open one eye and see my friend looking very amazed at me. I still can’t remember where the vultures came from.

The last was, me sitting on the steps of the pub watching the girls, and next the vultures were landing!

Mondays Finish the Story