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  • Hero: Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 18, 2015

    Grandpa started: “Lily, my dear lassie, I once had a dog. He was my best friend and companion. I had him before I knew your Grandma. Saved him from the hands of savage boys who were pulling him around by his broken tail. I grabbed the yelling, tiny pup and ran away. I always safed […]


  • Plain sailing: FFfAW – Week of 10-13- 2015

    Plain sailing went totally wrong! Three months ago Sonya planned a trip of a lifetime for her and her younger sister Amber. She kept on going over every arrangement.  They were going to escape all the huzzle and buzzle of celebrations. Their father was going to marry the most horrible woman. The two sisters could […]

  • Scare-cat! Monday Finish the Story – October 12, 2015

    Thank you Barbara for hosting this Challenge every Monday! Finish the story begins with:  “Now this is living the life of Riley.” Oscar the cat thought that morning. Last night was very adventurous. When the clock struck 12 pm Oscar quietly sneaked out of his cozy bed, through the cat door and into the lovely […]

  • E-book free to download!

    For the next 5 days my book Flash Fiction Book 1 is free to all of you. Free dates  16 up to 20 October. I would appreciate it if you, my dear followers and bloggers,  read and review it. Without your support I can’t do it! Thank you so much!

  • The map : Picture it and Write 74

    The gang leader decided that he was going to do something to shock the community. He knew they hated him for the ways he used to eliminate people and animals. It felt good to him when he thought back of all the occasions he used his gang members to do the job for him. Looking […]

  • E-book all ready

    To promote my book I am giving it away free from 16 to 20 October. I would appreciate it if you read  and give a review please. I’ll put the link up on October 16. Thanks for your support and please enjoy.

  • No stopping : FFfAW – 10/06/2015

    Thank you to Etol Bagam for providing our prompt photo this week. The stage was ready for the world’s best show. During the last rehearsal everything went as planned. Everybody knew what to do  during every moment  of the performance. Tim, the famous organist felt a tinge in his left hand. He wasn’t worried too […]

  • Fallen leaves : Sunday Photo Fiction -October 4, 2015

    FALLEN LEAVES Every year, the same time and place, the Autumn fairies start their job painting the leaves in their new colors. Sally fairy, was one of the first ones to arrive at her workplace. What a mess! Unbelievable! All the leaves were already pulled off the trees. Sally could not think what could have […]

  • Driftwood gathering: Monday finish the Story – Sept 28, 2015

    Finish the story begins with:  “The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood.” Why driftwood some of the prisoners thought. The command was: Pick up as many straight, strong driftwood as you could find. The prisoners were in groups of four, chained together by their feet. How could they work and find wood like that? Suddenly […]

  • Preview of my e-book

    I have uploaded my book on Amazone yesterday. Fingers crossed that I’ve clicked the right boxes. PREVIEW The name of the book says : Flash Fiction. The thirty four stories are all not more than 200 words and not less than 100 words. The collection is like a  fruitcake or Christmas pudding. When baking a […]

  • FFfAW – Week of 09-22-2015 Challenge 32

    Lonely artist  Amy could not find her good friend. They had an appointment to meet at the swimming pool for a cup of tea. Amy was very worried about the way her friend, Sue, was reacting after her accident. Sue could, at times, not remember anything that had happened to her. After waiting  fifteen minutes […]

  • Stairs in the Mango tree: Monday Finish the Story – Sept 21, 2015

    Finish the story begins with:  “She lived in a mango tree.” Frank’s last words before he passed on. Little Sue kept on wondering where the mango tree could be? A mango tree big enough to house a whole home? Impossible but, maybe there could be a tree like that. Little Sue started asking around. One […]