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  • Brute force : Picture it and write – 71.

    Rover thought: “ Those humans think they know what brute force is! I’ll show them something today.” Rover was a placid loving black dog. He loved to run around chasing birds and sometimes stray cats too. His master liked to take him out for long walks. Rover hated one thing. He hated it when his […]


  • Single rose bud : Sunday Photo Fiction September 20, 2015

    Single rose bud One single pink rose bud was all  he had left behind. Why was it that the one bud brought back happy memories to Kate, of times spent together? Every weekend Joe and Kate  spent time in each other’s company. They had to do the meetings all secretive. Joe, a married man and […]

  • From the balcony. Monday Finish the Story – 14th September 2015

    Every Monday there is a new Photo prompt and a line to start the story. https://mondaysfinishthestory.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/mondays-finish-the-story-september-14th-2015/ © 2015, Barbara W. Beacham Finish the story begins with:  “From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.” The witch was not the usual witch. She was a special child-like witch. She wore her black coat […]

  • Glow in the dark. Sunday photo fiction September 13, 2015

    Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/sunday-photo-fiction-september-13th-2015/ GLOW IN THE DARK Only a whooshing sound could be heard as the green glowing drop came nearer. The two runaway teenagers stood as if glued to the ground. […]

  • Coming soon: My first ebook

    I have been playing with the idea of publishing my short Flash Fiction stories in an ebook. I am working on it to publish it at the end of September. How do you like my cover page? Any suggestions?

  • Tragedy : FFfAW – Week of 09-08-2015

    Pushing his face flat against the wet window Timmy could still not see much. He knew that his special friend was in the garden. He had seen him before the torrential rain started falling an hour ago. Timmy is a special little boy who loves to live in his own dreamworld. He has to amuse […]

  • On the road! Sunday Photo Fiction – September 6th 2015

    Interested in joining in the fun of fiction writing? Visit https://sundayphotofictioner.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/sunday-photo-fiction-september-6th-2015/ Big-rig On the road! “Wow, here comes a truck!” Sarah lifted her skirt up, showing her well shaped tanned leg. Sarah needed to hurry up and get herself a ride to the next town. “I just have to keep on flashing my legs,” she […]

  • Roots in the desert : Picture it & Write no 69

    Roots in the desert? Original image found here: http://www.thedesignwork.com/weird-pictures My story Impossible, this could not be real Luke thought. Traveling the Namib desert brought a lot of bad luck to the group of tourists. They used a rented camper van to tour the desert. First bad luck, the camper van  had a flat tyre. Lucky […]

  • Roman room Sunday Photo Fiction- August 30, 2015

    Roman Room Photo – A Room in the Roman Painted House, Dover Looking down at the scene in front of her, aunt Mavis thought back to the days when her parents were still young. Her mother always talked about the way Romans lived in this hotel while visiting . This room was the best room of […]

  • Saved : Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 08/25/2015 week 28

    Interested in joining? Take a peek at the following blog https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/fffaw-week-of-08-25-2015/ Dawn M. Miller provided the photo prompt. My story: The group of campers stood in awe, while listening to the quavering sound rolling nearer. It had been a lovely warm long week-end. The group of friends decided to camp for the weekend near the […]

  • 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups no 164

    http://juliasplace.org.uk/100wcgu/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week164-2/ the prompt is: … Noah looked worried… Noah the the champion axe man. Ball of muscles and strong as an ox. He was used to winning. He loved winning. Tomorrow would be the last year he could compete in the championships. Reading the newspaper made Noah think about his life. The heading read:   […]

  • Family issues: Mondays finish the Story – August 24, 2015

    Visit Mondays Finish the Story at https://mondaysfinishthestory.wordpress.com/2015/08/24/mondays-finish-the-story-august-14th-2015/ For more information. Use 100 – 150 words to finish the story. 2015-08-24 – Photo taken of an old photo in 2014 – Barbara W. Beacham Finish the story begins with:  “The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be…” The family had no […]