Day 15 : LAUGH – 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 15


Laughing is the best and cheapest medication on earth. Happy people are healthy people.

Every Wednesday I go to the Mayfair Cafe for a cup of tea with some dear friends. We talk about all that is happening in our lives. Usually when we have exchanged the problems and illnesses we move on and talk about things that are light hearted and make us laugh. There is always one who would start laughing and the next is that we are all joining in the fun.

I sometimes laugh out loud when I see my dog Trompie and his girlfriend Molly playing. I am at my son’s place looking after their two Yorkies and Trompie. Every morning when I open up the two Yorkies they rush into the bedroom looking for their Human parents. Then the playing starts. Molly is a real jack in the box. Up and down, on and off the bed. Sometimes she even stands on her head. Trompie is usually right behind her. She also love to jump on top of Trompie.

This whole playing episode each morning makes me laugh every time they do it.

Without laughter life would be a pain and very dull. Keep on laughing and enjoy life!


Day 14: Fly – 31 Days of FMFW

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Day 14


Fly me to the moon came up as soon as I wrote the key word fly. I feel like flying in the breeze of excitement. The weather is better today after yesterday’s cold wind and some heavy showers during the day. My ebook is live again and I am going to give it away for free to promote it. The idea makes me fly, just thinking that I have done it all on my own. My friends at the Mayfair where I have a cup of tea every Wednesday made me feel happy and free to have friends like that who support me. We are members of Upper Hutt Time Bank and are a lovely group together every week. They flew with me on this book journey, which I really appreciate.

Something that makes me feel as if I can fly is that I enrolled in a six week course of writing short stories. It starts next Wednesday and I am looking forward to meet same minded people. I feel to fly to the moon now!

31 days of five minutes free writes : Day 12 : Storm

I missed out on day 8 – 11 because there just wasn’t enough time to sit in front of my PC and do some writing. Maybe I’ll catch up later but at the moment I am going to try and do the rest till the end of October.

Day 12


The last 3 weeks was like a never ending storm to me. I first finished of my e-book and published it. In the meantime I had to do some packing stuff for my son. He had to explain and show everything from scratch. I also had to practice doing the packing on my own too. Then there was the last information on how to print out the labels and sending it off. Al these things were new to me and it felt like me being in an everlasting thunderstorm.

I also had to do some driving lessons in my son’s electronic car. I had to take them to the airport in his car. All very stormy I have to say.

My nerves were stretched to the point of nearly breaking down. Lucky for me I have a very patience son and he calmed my inner storm at the end by walking with me to pay for the parking, showed where we had parked the car and also the way to drive out of the airport.

Glad that I survived this storm and now I can relax for 3 weeks.

31 days of five minutes Free Writing: Day 2: Excitement

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Friday five minute free write

I started writing Flash Fiction in January. After writing many of these short pieces I decided to try my hand at putting them together into an e-book. The construction and putting it together was not an easy task. At first I had to ask some Tim Bank friends to proofread the pieces. They helped me immensely. My english isn’t that good at times because it is not my home tongue.

I did a lot of reading on how to publish an e-book. The changing of font, spaces ,headings were all new things to me. Formatting the whole book was a big job. I even did my own cover.

Well, I am proud of myself.

My book went live on October 1 and I have already sold one copy .

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I am new to FMFW:     How it works:

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31 days of five minutes free writes : calling

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I am very new at this five minute writing. I’ll get into the fling of it very soon.

My goal for the month of October is to write on personal experiences in a new country that I can call my home by now after 6 years.

The challenge is to write for five minutes on a topic without stopping. No corrections, just straight as it is.

Here is my FMFW:

Prompt word:  CALLING

The calling to come to New Zealand was at the end of 2008 very clear. I had arranged everything to make a clean move. Since my son moved to NZ in 2005 the calling started. Circumstances in South Africa were deteriorating. As a single, older woman was not very safe to live on my own. I sold my property and had to move into another unit for the two years before I could answer the call from a distant country. Sometimes South Africa still calls me back and I miss my family and friends there.