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Slowly the lovely girl emerged from the waves. She struggled to keep herself upright like all the strange beings on the beach. Looking down at where her legs were supposed to be: No legs, no feet! Nothing to stand on!

Suddenly a wave pushed her up the shore and out of the water. What should she do? She could not run back into the water, only a tail and no legs to balance herself.

Suddenly one of the two-legged beings picked her up. It had a calming effect on her; it put her back into the waves. She was so afraid that she would not reach the water in time. This creature saved her life. “I’ll always be grateful to you. You are blessed,” whispered the mermaid in the stranger’s ear.



Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. 02-25-2015

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of 2-25-2015

The photo for second flash fiction:

My short explanation 113 words long:

Dear Diary

I don’t know what is happening around me! I eavesdropped on the creatures with two legs who call themselves human beings.

There were many people around here yesterday. All talking about the same subject.


Why, why, why? Many people enjoyed playing on me. We even had some great tournaments here with big names like the Williams sisters, Agassi, McNroe and many more. Why do they want to close me down? I am still in a good playable state.

I know that these humans found a young girl raped and killed in the nearby shrubs.

That does not mean that they have to close me down…..

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of 2-25-2015