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  • Baby Talk: Home sweet home

    After six weeks away from home the girls had a lot of sleep to catch up on. It was summer in London and they came back to a cold and frosty New Zealand last Monday. I visited the girls on Thursday. Beatrix was still sleeping and I did not see her. Today I went for […]

  • Cooking Spree

    The staff of the school had a wonderful evening out on Saturday. We went to an Azian cooking school. Everything was ready for the cooking! The session started 6:30 pm. The instructor/tutor/chef demonstrated what we had to do to make a perfect meal. We first made spring rolls. Then the main meal: pork, lemon grass […]


  • South Island visit and Soroptimist Conference of NZ Clubs

    I had been looking forward to the Conference and to visit Nelson in the South Island of NZ since last year. The week before I had to go, I became ill with bronchitis. I still wasn’t well on the Friday of our departure. It was cloudy and the weather report expected rain during the weekend. […]

  • Grateful

      GRATEFUL I walked all day with the idea to tell how good it feels to mean something to a five-year-old girl. Yesterday was my last,  late afternoon,  taking care of the last kids. I had been the manager of the Pre- and Post-school centre. I had to stay till six  at night. Parents are […]

  • Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Abstract Photography