Baby Talk: Baby sitting

A cold and windy morning.

We played and watched some Piggy movies.



Bea was tired but, no time to rest!

Buzy bee all the way!

Baby Talk: Bea in the kitchen

Playing while Mum and Dad were moving their stuff two weeks ago.

Look Granny!


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Baby Talk: Bea, Molly and a balloon

Dadda had a balloon.

He blew it up and



He blew it up again and

Molly had some fun catching it.

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I did not like the sound of it!

Lost interest.

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Unusual: The Daily Post, photo challenge

Guest host Lignum Draco asks us to experiment with something unusual.

For extra information click the following link:


Two months ago I held a very unusual object in my hand. I also had the opportunity to hang it around my neck to feel how it feels.

Mary Fisher our own Upper Hutt, New Zealand world champion Paralympic swimmer 2016, was the guest speaker at our monthly Soroptimist meeting.

She told us about the excitement of winning a gold medal at Rio Paralympic games.

The medal has small balls in it. The gold one has the most in it. It is for the blind to hear the sound of it and recognise which one it is!

Mary’s gold medal


Two more medals.

We could all touch and hold it!

Unusual indeed.


I am just behind Mary Fisher in the purple coat with the gold medal around my neck!

School Stories: A Real game!

Three little girls playing with


This was during my morning Before School Care shift.

They started playing at 7.30 am

and could not stop playing when they had to go to their classes

at 8.30 am.

It was so good to see these girls playing together.

While they were playing one was watching “My little Pony”

on an iPad

The three older children were playing

“Minecraft” on the Play station.


It was cold and miserable outside.

School Stories: School Gala

It was raining, the wind was blowing, the sun came out a bit then it was raining again!

This was the way the day started. The school gala started 11 o’clock. The rain came pouring down. Then the rain lifted and all the fun started.

Photos before the big event, about 10:45 am.

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The children practised the whole year to do the school’s Haka.

The children had lots of fun.

Pony ride

Face painting.


And lots more.