School stories: Early breakfast!

Every morning we open our Restaurant at the

Before School Center.

The table is neatly set!


The kitchen table.

Each girl has a task.


The customers are ready to have breakfast.



Start eating!


We have the best cooks and waiters!

School Stories: 2016 – last day

Wednesday, December 14, last Afterschool Care and  PARTY.

After the party, the children had to divide into groups and prepare a dance or act.

The director and judge starting the music.


The best act was these two girls.

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School Stories: Last enrichment period

Last Wednesday was the last of the six-week enrichment periods. The girls did a good job with their scrapbook albums. Here they are showing off their albums.


They asked if they could do a funny face photo too!


Each girl had to tell a little bit about their photos. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

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It was also the end of the Netball season.

The girls played against the parents!

School Stories: Enrichment Wednesday

Today was the day that the school’s students started the first of their six enrichment sessions.

They could choose one of the following workshops:

building, scrapbooking, origami, paper mache, Zumba, enviro-ness, cake decorating, stop motion,walking group, bushcraft/camping, computer programming for beginners, storytelling(with puppets), golf, baking, terrarium making.

I am doing the scrapbooking.

Here are the nine girls decorating  their front  cover.

(We are going to create a small album.)


Glow in the dark. Sunday photo fiction September 13, 2015

121 09 September 13th 2015

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words.


Only a whooshing sound could be heard as the green glowing drop came nearer.

The two runaway teenagers stood as if glued to the ground. It was a fearful noise and sight. Dorothy, the older girl, whispered: “What are we going to do? Run or wait?”

No answer came from the frightened Betty.

They were not supposed to be here. They were warned not to take the route through the forest. But no, they had to run away. Everything was worked out how they would escape the dangers in the wood.

The floating light came nearer and nearer. Both girls grabbed each other, covering their eyes into each other’s shoulders.

Suddenly there was a muffled:”Ouch!” and a crashing noise.

Both girls shrieked and opened their eyes.

“I told you not to go into the woods!” said a familiar voice.

Both girls were relieved to see Amy. She also joined the runaway party!