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  • School Stories: Wacky Hair Friday

    The following is a project. The challenge was to build a “play park”, make a brochure¬†to explain where, what and the cost. This project has the Egyptian Pyramids with water slides. The Beehive our Parliament¬†building The Titanic halfway out of the water. Eifel Tower in Paris with a slide going down, Colosseum in Rome with […]


  • School Stories: Wig Wednesday

    Today was Wig Wednesday for Kids Cancer. The children had to wear a wig or do something with their hair and bring a coin to school for KidsCan. Before school children. The school collected $200.00 today. The whole school all dressed up! For more information please click the following link  https://wigwednesday.childcancer.org.nz/

  • Baby Talk: Tiny ear

    I am way behind with my blogging. Look at the tiny hairs growing on the side!

  • School Stories: Wacky Hair Day

    Today is Wacky Hair Day. Each one taking part must donate a kitchen item for the gala groceries raffle. Our Before School kids. All ready for the fun. The little boy on te right is only 5 years old and loved to scared us all. He brought a tin of peaches.