Bea and her rocking horse.

I had a wonderful time looking after Bea while Daddy worked in the garage. At first we played with her play dough. Just after eleven Daddy came in to have a cup of coffee. Bea took Daddies hand and led him to the bedroom. She wanted to ride on the rocking horse.

Bea helped Daddy to carry the horse to the lounge.

Then it was time for the ride.

Bea loved the soft hairy mane of the horse. She kept on touching the mane forgetting that she was riding the horse.

Then she got tired, turned the horse on its side and curled up next to it. I covered them with her blanket.

Sweet little girl!

Baby Talk: Dinner and a horse ride!

The family is back from their Christmas outing.

We had a lovely meal together.

While waiting for our food

Dad gave Bea her meal.

Then we had fun!

We went to Grandma’s place.

Guess what I did?




I was so wild from the start Grandma could not get some good photos.

Only in full motion.

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If you take a good look you can also see grandma’s squeaky Snoopy dog in front of me riding with me on the horse! This doggy is still my Dad’s toy. He still remembers it.