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  • Creative Writing: A phone call

    Words: loneliness, trees, conservation, future of the world as you see it, a phone call, trouble A phone call The telephone rang at midnight  SA, Ad Why is it when the telephone rings late at night, it is dreadful news? I also don’t know why a hospital has to ring you as late as possible […]


  • NaNoWriMo: Day 21 and 40 000+ words

    Update since day thirteen Day 14 November Work and teaching: First teaching job Brakpan + Hennops River 1513 words Total 26 911 words Day 15 November Teaching Potgietersrus 1758 Total 28 666 words Day 16 November Teaching Secunda 1525 Total 30 191 words Day 17 November Teaching Potgietersrus 1818 Total 32 009 words Day 18 […]