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Treasure Found : Sunday Photo Fiction April 19, 2015

Sunday Photo Fiction – April 19th 2015

Pewter dragon ornament

Pewter dragon ornament


“Peter, P-E-T-E-R, where are you?”

Peter kringed when he heard his mother’s voice calling him in that  tone. He hated it when his mother always wanted to spoil his findings and discoveries.

The door of his bedroom slowly opened. “Psst, Peter are you here?” came the whisper from the door. “Shhh, Livy don’t make a noise! Come inside and have a look what I found!” Excited Peter climbed out of the cupboard. In his hands he had the most beautiful shiny dragon. It looked as if it was alive. Its azure blue eyes were sparkling in the dark room. Both the children could not take their eyes away from it. It was as if they were in a trans.

Suddenly the door flew open and there she was. Peter’s mother who everybody knew as the wicked witch entered. She wanted to grab the dragon but….