School Stories : Three days after earth- quake at Before School Care

Some photos on starting the day in Before School Care.

Folding paper stars, making loom bands,

making a card for dad who is in  the hospital,

drawing pictures.


Some were playing on the Play-Station.


Others were using iPads to watch kids stuff.


One big happy family.

Excitement in the family

The last two weeks I have been working on my first handmade cardigan for my first grandchild which is due half December. It is going to be a  little girl. Today was the stork party/baby shower.




Wrapped up with  fresh flowers

from my garden.

One for mommy, one for daddy

one for baby in the middle

Afrikaanse Tokkel:Al die veld is vrolik



Vandag het ek n behoefte in my hart gehad om : “Al die veld is vrolik” met almal te deel.

Dis n lang naweek hier. Ek wou eintlik Wellington toe gaan om die Filipynse Fees te gaan afneem. Die oggend was so heerlik dat ek daarteen besluit het en liewers sommer hier in my eie omgewing fotos geneem.

Ek het eers sommer hier op die sypaadjie die volgende blommetjies afgeneem.20161022_095607

Dis die kleinste, klein ou magrietjies. Meisies by die skool het die week stringetjies gemaak en in hul hare gesit. Daar was ook volgens my “perde blommetjies” (dis hoe my ma die blommetjies genoem het) met bytjies op.


Toe loop ek die hele dag en sing : Al die veld is vrolik want ek het uitgery na die “Twin Lakes” en die mooiste fotos daar geneem.

Ongelukkig het ek nog nie koggelmandertjies, regte krieke en sprinkane hier raakgeloop nie.





I walked all day with the idea to tell how good it feels to mean something to a five-year-old girl.

Yesterday was my last,  late afternoon,  taking care of the last kids. I had been the manager of the Pre- and Post-school centre. I had to stay till six  at night. Parents are supposed to be fined if they collect their children after six. Some stretch it up to the last minute.

Well, I had to wait till after six yesterday before this little girl was picked up by her grandmother. No explanation or apology.

Fortunately, I was in no hurry to go home. Violet, was worried why her mother did not come. I just explained that she probably had to work late.

Violet is a unique little girl. Stubborn as a donkey, outspoken and very curious, cheeky too, yet very brilliant because she is most of the time in her grandparents’ care.

All the other kids were gone by  quarter past five yesterday. I, while waiting, played games on an iPad. The last two children had gone, and I stood up to see if the PlayStation was properly turned off. My iPad still on the table. When I turned my back,  Violet slipped onto my chair, and I heard her playing on my iPad.

I said, “No, no, don’t   play my game!”

She answered, “No, I ‘m playing another game.” (She quickly took another iPad and supposedly started playing) I turned around again, and she played mine again.  I did just like her and blew up my cheeks and looked angry at her. (She thoroughly enjoyed my reaction) I went back to the table and said I want my seat back. She moved on to the next  chair. We played my game because I  supposedly could not play the game and she knew how. (What adults won’t give up to make the little ones happy.) We played for a  while. Very excited Violets put one leg halfway on my lap. We enjoyed playing-she won the steps each time with a little help from me. In the end, she sat on my lap. Violet had forgotten that her mother had not turned up yet. Sy was very satisfied and happy.

This brings me to the real part of the story. Violet is a five-year-old girl, no father, the mother still very young. Her grandparents are doing their best to keep an eye on her. She feels uncertain of her circumstances. She has the cutest face, speaking blue eyes.

I feel so grateful and fortunate to be able to cherish this tiny girl. All she asks is a little bit of love and trust. She totally believes in me. She will, for example, come to me and tell me if something is wrong. How can adults hurt, harass or even kill a child like this? It’s so unfair.

Children are so fragile and vulnerable.

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Day 7: LOVE : 31 days of FMFW

31 Days logo - 2015

Day 7


Love is something we all yearn for. When you really love it feels as if you can burst open from it. Receiving love opens the way to giving love back and vise versa.

When I met my husband I knew he was the only love in my life. For a year it was only the two of us. The love between husband and wife is wonderful to experience When my son was born another kind of love opened in me. That was the love not only of a mother but also of a parent.

Love made my life strong and complete the 13 years of my marriage. When my husband committed suicide it did not kill my love for him. Till today I still feel some love for him although our lifes parted in death.

To me love is very precious. I can not easily show my love but hope that people feel that I love them by acting lovingly.

My dog Trompie is the love of my life at the moment. He gives me unconditional love back every moment of the day.

Thanks to Trompie and my son who I know love me for what I am.

31 days of five minutes Free Writing: Day 2: Excitement

31 Days logo - 2015


Friday five minute free write

I started writing Flash Fiction in January. After writing many of these short pieces I decided to try my hand at putting them together into an e-book. The construction and putting it together was not an easy task. At first I had to ask some Tim Bank friends to proofread the pieces. They helped me immensely. My english isn’t that good at times because it is not my home tongue.

I did a lot of reading on how to publish an e-book. The changing of font, spaces ,headings were all new things to me. Formatting the whole book was a big job. I even did my own cover.

Well, I am proud of myself.

My book went live on October 1 and I have already sold one copy .

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