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  • 2020 Photo Challenge #22 Light

    May’s theme / technique: It’s all about the Light This month’s final assignment – Experiment in different weather conditions such as mist or rain, OR take a photograph indoors such as a still life or light entering a room streaming through a window OR experiment in capturing the colour of light.


  • Night-light

  • 2020 Photo Challenge #21 Strong back lighting

    This week’s assignment – Use strong back-lighting (i.e. shooting towards the light source, but do not look directly at the sun) to create a contre-jour image where the subject becomes a silhouette, OR shoot the light through flowers or leaves creating a transparent effect. https://traveltalk.me.uk/2020/05/24/2020-photo-challenge-21/

  • 2020 Photo Challenge #20 May: Being Creative with Light

    May: Being Creative with Light To participate in the Photo Challenge visit the following blog! My original photo: High light Low light. This week’s assignment – Create one image using strong lighting which creates strong shadows and emphasizes contrasts in tones and one image with much lighter tones. If you have post-processing software try experimenting with […]

  • A Photo a Week Challenge: Light the Night

    Nancy Merrill at https://nadiamerrillphotography.wordpress.com/2020/02/27/a-photo-a-week-challenge-light-the-night-3/ challenges IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE YOUR FAVORITE NIGHT SHOTS

  • 5 Day Black & White Challenge – Day 3

    5 DAY BLACK & WHITE CHALLENGE DAY  3 Medieval lamp? The past week-end  the Grail of  Chivalry jousting took place at Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt, NZ Medieval themed crafts were up for sale and on display. I still would like to thank Aletta   at   https://nowathome.wordpress.com/ for inviting me to participate in the 5 Day […]