My father : Flash back 1993

I want to share the following about my dear father.

On Fridays I attend a writing group in our local library.

I have been writing anecdotes since 2012.

At this stage I am using my older writings and edit and also expand them.

For today we had to do a short description of a person.

Illustrate characteristics of the character.

Use some conversation to illustrate it.

Here is my description of my father:


My father was about 5’7”/1.7 m.. tall, not very thin but also not really fat more stocky. As long as I can remember he did not have much hair, only a ring around the lower part of his head. My parents always explained this balding:”… The military cap stopped the hair growing because he had to wear it every day and night during the war..”

My father wasn’t a man of many words and jokes. He did not smile or laugh much.I was always looking to please him because he was very strict. It seems that he was a perfectionist when it came to planning and doing things.

I think he loved to work in the garage, fixing his car when it was broken.(Maybe he hated it, and had to do it. I will never know) He was really handy when it came to fixing and planning the best ways. He was the patriarch of the family. We obeyed him in everything.

Even after I had my own family my father still ruled and wanted me to do things as he wanted it up till his death.

On his death bed he still told my son, who was only 13: “Don’t be like your father. Look well after your mother!”

He also went on: “You have to come back to the Reformed Church.” I went over to my husband’s church the Dutch Reformed Church. It shows, till the end he wanted his way.

My father even had an argument with my mother before he passed away about her love for him.

He asked my mother:” Do you love me?” She answered “Yes, always will”. He went on: “Impossible you can’t love a person like me. You don’t love me.” Those words broke my mother’s heart. She had given her everything to him and our family. Afterwards she could not stop crying. I told her that he did not mean it like that.

This whole episode made me feel so sad and my heart yearned to wipe out those last words.

July 31 up to Aug 02: National Mutt Day!

I stumbled upon the following!

told me about this day. Thank you very much NET EKKE

Delicate in flight: FFfAW Week 07-15-2015

Thank you Sonya O. for our photo prompt this week

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Delicate in flight

Looking into his empty whisky glass his eyes filled with sorrow.

Big tears started rolling down his weathered  cheeks. He felt so miserable. Everything turned out so happy and well. He stared at the two ice cubes in his glass, melting away of the summer heat.

In his mind he could see his lovely wife. She was his everything until two years ago.

She started to fade away. Her illness made her very fragile. The last thing she asked of him was to take her to the ice sculpting exhibition.  She was so happy that day.

One of the artists asked if he could make an ice statue of her as he sees her. The artist made the most wonderful swan starting to fly away. She was ecstatic seeing the result.

She sat down put her arms around her husband and flew away just like the ice swan.

Word count 151

Blogging 101: Real neat blog award

Michelle W. and the Team at Blogging 101 say:

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

I decided to use my Real neat blog award as an inspiration to other readers.

Millie Thom at

nominated me for this a while ago.

Thank you Millie I appreciate it that you nominated me. I can recommend to all the readers to hop over and have a look at  Millie’s awesome writing skills, historical as well as fiction. I am sure you will love her writing.




  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  • Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
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  1. Which is your preferred way of expressing yourself creatively, either on your blog or elsewhere (e.g. art, poetry, photography etc.)  I am a creative person. I would rather use photos than words on my blog. I started participating in writing fast fiction to get my writing in English going.
  2. What do you like best about blogging? Blogging triggers my ideas on which photos to take and what to write in my posts. Also people interacting with me on my blog gives my lots of happy hours.
  3. What is your favorite genre in books and films/movies, and why? I love suspense, detective stories and programmes are my favorite. I also read a lot on Nature and craft.
  4. Which three qualities do you value the most in a good friend? Listener, supporter, reliable.
  5. Are you a city-loving person, or do you prefer the quietness of country life? Give your reasons? I am through and through a country girl. I love the quite and solitary life on my own. I am an animal lover and would love to have some animals as my best friends,
  6. Is there any particular time of year where you live that you like the best, and why? Spring is my most favorite season here in NZ. The winters are cold and wet here and I do not like to be indoors all the time. Spring brings new growth and color outside. Also warmer temperatures is much better.
  7. Do you have a favourite flower? If so, what is it you particularly like about it?Daffodils and orchids are my favorite. Daffodils are no one . The yellow and happy sunny faces starts springtime every year. 


I want to nominate anybody who wants to accept this award. I think you deserve it.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope to hear from you.

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 150 : Lonely bench

Jack, Anne and Spock returned home after a lovely exotic island  holiday.

Every moment was perfect. Anne overthought her life and what she wanted to do next. Jack had the opportunity to get to know Anne better. Spock loved all the luxury of an own bed, food served every day. His hair was now shiny and clean.

All three friends were happy and loved each other.

After arriving home Anne decided to go to the place where she tried to take her own life. She sat for a while on the lonely bench reminiscing the past weeks. She felt very content and happy.

Mondays Finish the Story: Feb,09, 2015

Mondays Finish the Story

Your challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided. Don’t forget to use the opening sentence… Get creative and have fun finishing the story!

2015-02-09 - BW Beacham


Finish the story begins with:  “Dropping her line into Fool’s Lake, she patiently waited for something to bite.”

While waiting for the big bite, Carol’s mind started whirling around like a huge nearing thunder-storm. She could not think that she, one day would stand here trying to catch something in Fool’s Lake.  

Why would it happen to her? She grew up in a loving protective home. She met this gorgeous hunk two months back. Everything went well.  Everything was perfect. Love, moonshine and roses till two days ago.He just got abusive, he started treating her like a piece of trash. He kicked her out like dirt.

Carol had to catch something otherwise she would die from hunger.

No wonder the lake is called Fool’s Lake. Only fool’s could survive here.There is nothing nearby to help her…


Photography 101: Connect

I received the following positive comment from Josh R

For the second shot, I would encourage you to focus more on the two faces and crop/frame out the extra space (especially on top). The faces and expressions are wonderful, that’s what you want the focal point of the image to be

My new second shot after I cropped it.

Cropped Connection!
Cropped Connection!

I agree:

The focus is now on the two people