One-Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan the 8th, 2020 – Happiness

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Trompie and his visitors!


It is nice and hot today!


Molly and Trompie enjoy each others company a lot.
Every morning they have a play session inside.


That is Luigi after he has been in the sun for about half an hour.

Enjoying a full sunbath.

Read me a story!

Sunday Bea and her parents visited the sick Ouma. It was the first time that Bea came into my lounge and discovered her own shelve with her BOOKS. She enjoyed running from the shelve to one of us showing the books. Then it was time for reading. She picked up a book, jumped on her mum’s lap and started paging while mum tried reading.


The photos are not very clear because Bea kept on moving and wiggling.

A day in Trompie’s life!

After the earthquake and then the stormy weather with floods we had a dry day. We (Trompie and I) walked up the hill. On our way up, we found some baby birds on the pavement. Blown out of their nests into the wetness without their parents they could not survive.


Trompie had a sniff at it.


This morning we visited Trompie’s cousins Molly and Luigi.


 We also met Lilly one of Trompie’s girlfriends on our late afternoon walk.