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  • Photography 101: Bliss

    Photography 101: Bliss Ah, bliss. What does this word mean or look like to you? http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/photography-101-bliss/ Total bliss!  

  • Photography 101: Water

    Photography 101: Water For day three, we want to see your interpretation of water — how might your image reveal more about you? Tip: Ever wonder whether a photograph will work better horizontally or vertically? It’s a great question to ask when looking through your viewfinder! Humans have binocular vision — which means we have […]

  • Photography 101: Home

    Photography 101: Home To kick off this course, let’s introduce ourselves, share an image that meanshome, and get to know our cameras. http://dailypost.wordpress.com/ Home is where the heart is! Your own chair to sleep in, next to your own bed. Lovely quilts to keep you warm when it is cold. Children watching TV at home. […]