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  • Photo101: Day Three: Water & Orientation

    Telling a story through water. Horizontal photo Tattered rope and water background. Vertical photo Accentuates the tatter in the rope more. What do you think? Which one tells a better story?

  • Strange Fungi

    These fungi I found in the vegetable garden. Do you know this one? …………… Mushroom or toadstool? There is no clear distinction between mushrooms and toadstools. Toadstool is a common but vague term for some kinds of mushroom, usually a poisonous or inedible one. Toads were once thought to be very poisonous, but ‘toadstool’ is […]

  • Frosty morning!

    Wow, and was it cold and so beautiful this morning! Yesterday we had the first snow on the hills. The cold snap and an icy Southerly brought  hard frost to us. When I took Trompie out last night at about 10 pm frost was already on the grass and cars! This morning I had to […]

  • Blur: Weekly Photo Challenge

    PHOTO CHALLENGE Blur A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.

  • Double Reflection

    What do you think about this double reflection ?

  • Photography 101: Landscape

    Landscapes generally focus on wide, vast depictions of nature and all of its elements, from formations to weather. In this genre of photography, you won’t find much of a human presence: nature itself is the subject. A focus on nature isn’t mandatory, however — you can capture a sweeping panorama of an entire city, town, […]