Wordless Wednesday : Pumpkins


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Wordless Wednesday


Happy entrance! Mondays Finish the Story – July 6, 2015


Have a look at the link and see what it is all about!

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

A huge thanks goes out to Ali over at Dralimanonlife for coming up with this week’s opening lines. I think that you are certain to have fun with this one.

Finish the story begins with:

  “The barista shook his head. That hedge couldn’t have moved closer overnight. Could it?”

Anything was possible after last nights late party. All he could remember this morning, it was very noisy and hot inside the club. He was still serving coffee till about eleven when he suddenly just could not move. He just stood there watching as the people in front of him started growing leaves all over their bodies.

He looked over his shoulder again at the hedge. The hedge looked just like those happy party goers.  Happy and playful. Impossible, this could not be. It is only a hedge not a group of people dressed in leaves and moving nearer and nearer! Poor barista  got such a fright when he saw the hedge moving. He fainted on the spot.

Out jumped his friends from under the disguise.

Secret steps? Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

While I am at it I might as well put my special

secret walk way on.

I wonder where this would lead to?

It is so secretive and beautiful!

Secret path way
Secret path way



One word photo challenge: RAIN

This week’s topic is Rain!

To participate:

After the rain there are rain drops everywhere!

Toeka-Tokkel 12 : Seisoene (vervolg)

SEISOENE  opvolg

Toe ek na my laaste fotos kyk om iets te plaas kom ek op my herfs foto af wat ek spesiaal Dinsdag 10 Maart geneem het om by my post te sit.

Aangesien die woorde wat ek geskryf het nie juis opduik nie plaas ek die foto van HERFS wat beslis oppad is. My Vriendin waar ek die fotos geneem het is ook Virginia(Interessant nê)


The common name of Virginia Creeper was originally applied to the North American climber Parthenocissus quinquefolia. It was later also given to the closely related P. tricuspidata, which is a native of China and Japan. The Asian species is often seen growing over rocks in Chinese gardens, or alongside other vines such as wisteria. The Chinese consider this plant so vigorous that they call it ‘Mountain-climbing Tiger’.

Information from a very interesting site


Bouquet : in color

One of the bouquet in the church.


Green goddess arum

Why is it a problem?

All parts of the plant are poisonous to humans, pets and livestock. It smothers the ground, preventing the regeneration of native flora, particularly in wetlands. Seeds are spread by birds, flowing water and animals. Rhizomes are spread by dumping of garden waste.