Baby Talk: Last babysitting 2017

I am way behind with my blogging. These photos are from last year, the Thursday before Christmas while Mum and Dad had their end of year party.

I’m putting the forms in the right holes!

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  I did it!




Baby Talk: Bea, Molly and a balloon

Dadda had a balloon.

He blew it up and



He blew it up again and

Molly had some fun catching it.

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I did not like the sound of it!

Lost interest.

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Baby Talk: Babysitting Bea

Last night I had a special night with Bea. Mummy and Daddy went to the movies and we had to stay home.

The first thing was eating dinner. On the menu: fish, potatoes and asparagus. The asparagus did not go down well! Then time for her bottle with milk. Bea’s eyes started to close but she kept on drinking. After finishing her bottle she was wide awake again.

We had a good time together. I loved every moment of looking after Bea.


I can read Ouma!  Look at those little toes.

School Stories: A Real game!

Three little girls playing with


This was during my morning Before School Care shift.

They started playing at 7.30 am

and could not stop playing when they had to go to their classes

at 8.30 am.

It was so good to see these girls playing together.

While they were playing one was watching “My little Pony”

on an iPad

The three older children were playing

“Minecraft” on the Play station.


It was cold and miserable outside.

School Stories: School Gala

It was raining, the wind was blowing, the sun came out a bit then it was raining again!

This was the way the day started. The school gala started 11 o’clock. The rain came pouring down. Then the rain lifted and all the fun started.

Photos before the big event, about 10:45 am.

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The children practised the whole year to do the school’s Haka.

The children had lots of fun.

Pony ride

Face painting.


And lots more.

School Stories: Before School Care

Every morning Monday to Friday

before school starts at

7:30 am

Little ones (5-year-old) build

fences and cages for


They love to play and build.


Bigger girls make bracelets and other items like

fruit, hotdogs or bees using

loom bands.

Hard at work

Image result for loom bands nz


 Some are playing games on iPad


School story: Haka and bugs

The children at school had been very busy this week.

Another school came for a visit and our children welcomed them with a haka.

Here they were rehearsing in front of the principal.

Activities at After School care.

Making lady bugs.

Some played table tennis and others

played on iPad