Silent Sunday: Fuchias

Quilt: block of the month, month 4

I am  bit late with this months block of the month. I picked it up a week ago. I cut it on Monday and started the sewing on Tuesday and did not finish it all. I thought I’ll finish it off on Wednesday but that did not happen. Millie my friends dog got hold of the cotton reel and chewed it Tuesday evening. I used some other cotton but could not concentrate on it  for long. I still need to finish off the strips of squares and then sew it into blocks of small squares.

Here are the materials for this month.

Two purple, two green
Two purple, two green

A spot of purple makes a difference

I felt like sharing my back garden!

These photos are taken just before 8 this morning.

The sun was already too bright for good photos but

These have to do for now!

Lobelia in my wash basin!


My small strip of garden!


It was a very hot day today! 28C  inside my place! We have water restrictions here and tap water is not helping much!

Enjoy your festive season and see you in the New Year again!