Quilt: 2018 Mystery quilt

2018 came and was gone before I had time to do the sewing every month. I thought it would help me to do the monthly Mystery quilt pieces. It did not work out. Everything went well for the first three months, the next three month also! That gave me six of the blocks. The last three blocks were just waiting to be sewn. It did not happen in 2018!

The last Thursday in January 2019 I decided to sit and finish off the top.

At last, it is only the top of the quilt. The side strips are still waiting and then the batting and back need to be purchased before quilting can be done. Sigh! Still, a lot to do before it is ready to go on my single bed.

The last blocks

Working them in strips

In bigger blocks

All sewn into one piece

End result!

What do you think about the colours?


Mystery Quilt 2018: Blocks 4, 5 and 6

The holidays are nearly over and I’ve not done much on my to-do list. This morning I grabbed my sewing machine and in about two and a half hours I completed blocks four, five and six of 2018’s mystery quilt.

Block Four

Block five

Block six

I enjoyed sewing these blocks together. There are four of each block. Now I have to wait for the last three blocks before we get the finished picture to complete the quilt top. There is going to be a reveal night end November.

Quilt in the making. Block 1(month 1)

Last year  my favorite Quilt shop went to the big

International Quilt Market in Houston.

They came back with many ideas.

I booked myself to get the block of the month.

At last the first block was ready to be picked up on April 1, 2015.

Here are the three pieces of material.

Black of the month 1
Block of the month no 1

I first had to cut strips


Then cut into squares.


String-pieced together.


Cut in the middle.


Iron open and I have made

200 squares!


Now I am waiting for next month and block no 2!