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  • Through my window: Snow?

    Last night was stormy with wind gusts over 100km an hour. Heavy showers on and off. Early morning there was silence. I got out of bed, opened the curtain, and this is what I saw. From the main house looking at the same bed and hills. I took Beatrix to school on foot. Flurries of […]


  • My outside space

    The Cosmic Photo Challenge : My outside space. My new outside space.

  • Beatrix first school year started.

    In the school’s first newsletter.

  • Frost this morning

    This morning was -2 in Upper Hutt. Frost everywhere and cold too. Trompie walking on the frozen grass. A strange walker on the pavement! Late afternoon at school.(about 4 o’clock pm)

  • School stories: Art and a mouse

    Before School Care had an artist in the form of an always busy(mischievous) six year old boy. He was so into building the octopus and shark that he didn’t want to pack up to go to his classroom. The afternoon I had a chat with one of the teachers. I asked her about the behavior […]

  • Children writing stories 1: Two stories from Daisy

      LOST, AND FINDING HOME AGAIN. Pepper woke up at 3 am bright and ready for a new adventure. She gave herself a good clean and darted out the cat flap. She ran through the bush out on the neighbour’s driveway. Practices some stalking the chickens. She won’t hurt them! After this fun, she spent […]

  • Memoirs: Teaching Snippets

    Forty years of teaching experience gives me a lot to reminisce about school, children, parents, teaching and teachers. I was never cut out to be a teacher. Never liked teaching much too. But I, as a dedicated person, learned to give my best while working with children. The best of my teaching time was when […]

  • School stories: Conservation week.

    Show your backyards some love this Conservation Week. Get involved in protecting, growing, nurturing and caring for our nature. http://www.doc.govt.nz/news/events/conservation-week/about-conservation-week/ Today four classes went out into the community around the school to pick up the rubbish along the roads. The other three classes cleaned up the school grounds and nearby property borderlines. Rubbish picked up at […]

  • School Stories: Last sunset term two

    It was such a lovely sunset on Friday, July 7, 2017. Last day term two! I work from three to five at Plateau School. The room we use in the afternoons. The office block at sunset. Opposite classrooms. Romantic silhouette of the flagpole and sky. To my young friends out there: Life can be great, but […]

  • School Stories: Do you recognise the dog?

    The second term is gone. Half year reports have been handed out. Some are excited to come back next term. Some don’t feel that good! The last three weeks of the term in the Before School Class we tried our hands at making dogs using a toilet roll six egg holder cups and some string, cotton, […]

  • Cooking Spree

    The staff of the school had a wonderful evening out on Saturday. We went to an Azian cooking school. Everything was ready for the cooking! The session started 6:30 pm. The instructor/tutor/chef demonstrated what we had to do to make a perfect meal. We first made spring rolls. Then the main meal: pork, lemon grass […]

  • School Stories: Wig Wednesday

    Today was Wig Wednesday for Kids Cancer. The children had to wear a wig or do something with their hair and bring a coin to school for KidsCan. Before school children. The school collected $200.00 today. The whole school all dressed up! For more information please click the following link  https://wigwednesday.childcancer.org.nz/