Motorbike experience: Memoirs

May 5, 2017. It’s write Easy.  Every Friday I join a writing group and write anecdotes from my past. We usually get six words for the week. We pick one word or more and write about it. My word was motorcycle.


Some people, when they are young, love to show off by having a better motorcycle than their best friends.

My son, while at school was and still is a big motorcycle fan.

While in school he bought himself a field motorbike with his money selling newspapers. It took him two years to put the money together. It was a second-hand motorcycle, and most of the time he was busy trying to fix it. As soon as it was roadworthy again, he would go off with lots of noise and speed up and down the dirt track near our house.

He studied at the Technikon in Pretoria. After a year of using a yellow Austin Mini which I gave him as his first vehicle, he bought himself a black streamlined motorcycle.  He enjoyed to ride it. He even would drive the hundred and fifty kilometres home on the weekend to visit me.

Some years later he told me that he nearly killed himself driving down a steep hill. He drove downhill and lost control, ventured on the pavement, and almost bumped full on into a signboard pole which stopped him. He showed me photos of the brake marks on the road and sidewalk. Lucky for him that he missed it by a few millimetres.


One of the first things my son did when he arrived in New Zealand he bought himself a motorcycle. He even bought a second which he tried to modernise his own way. He loved fiddling with the engines. Nowadays he is more into designing and making electronic boards which bring in some money to help pay the bills now that he has expanded his family.


School Stories: Last enrichment period

Last Wednesday was the last of the six-week enrichment periods. The girls did a good job with their scrapbook albums. Here they are showing off their albums.


They asked if they could do a funny face photo too!


Each girl had to tell a little bit about their photos. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

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It was also the end of the Netball season.

The girls played against the parents!

School Stories: Enrichment Wednesday

Today was the day that the school’s students started the first of their six enrichment sessions.

They could choose one of the following workshops:

building, scrapbooking, origami, paper mache, Zumba, enviro-ness, cake decorating, stop motion,walking group, bushcraft/camping, computer programming for beginners, storytelling(with puppets), golf, baking, terrarium making.

I am doing the scrapbooking.

Here are the nine girls decorating  their front  cover.

(We are going to create a small album.)


Blogging from A-Z: Letter O- Omaramba


I have been a very keen scrapbooker since 2004. I was never interested in pasting photos into albums till December 2004. A teacher friend and I decided to do some craft stuff during the holidays. My friend wanted to make a dream catcher and I decided to go with her . We could not do the dream catcher because the tutor wasn’t doing it anymore. There was an opportunity to make sun catchers. I told my friend that’s good I’ll do it with her if she would do a scrapbook session with me too.

So it happened. I went for my first class and then a second. I totally got hooked. At the end, I taught scrapbook classes for four and a half years until I moved to New Zealand.

Here I did it for three years under a very dominating friend who was Creative Memories agent. She tried her best to force her ideas down my throat. I totally lost interest.



scrapbook long weekend.



is/was a retreat near  Buffelspoortdam

North-Western Province(Wes Transvaal)


The Lapa.


I had a marvelous time here and met many lovely like minded ladies.


I also became best friends with Adrie O,

we also attended weekends in 2007, 2008.

The first scrapbooking I made in 2005

One of my classes with young girls.


The end result.



Omaramba is n heerlike vakansie-oord. Ek het twee jaar daar saam ge-scrap met dieselfde organiseerders en dames. Die vriendin met wie ek telkens n kamer gedeel het is werklik n juweel. Sy het my werklik verryk met haar geselskap. Sy het ook in 2010 virn week na my omgesien toe ek moes teruggaan na Suid Afrika.

 In 2008 het ons n heerlike scrap-lang naweek gehad tussen Warmbad en Nylstroom. Dit was vir my die kersie op die koek gewees. Ek het toe nog nie geweet dat ek werklik sou emmigreer nie.

More “O”s

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