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  • JusJoJan 2/20 – a Photo

    A Photo My precious grand daughter Bea(no, correction Beatrix) visited me for about an hour on the farm. It was to hot to be outside so we sat inside drinking a cold drink. While the adults were discussing the past week while visiting Beas other grand parents in Cambridge, New Zealand, she played with ouma’s […]


  • Relaxing on the farm

    Did you think I’m on holiday while house sitting? Wrong! I still take Trompie for his walk up and down a steep hill side. Trompie sniffing on the lawn and picking up some rabbit poo which he loves. After my walk. Feeding cat and bunnies. Then there is time to start my inside job. Last […]

  • Lê-Jou-Eier: sulke vriende het mens nie nodig nie

    Vriendskap is n vreugde en n opkikker in die lewe. Vriendskap kan egter ook n pyn in die nek wees. Hester vra dat ons oor die pyn in die nek vrinne moet skryf. Vriende wat jy nie rerig in jou lewe nodig het nie. Ek is in die bevoorregte posisie om in n ander land […]

  • Motorbike experience: Memoirs

    May 5, 2017. It’s write Easy.  Every Friday I join a writing group and write anecdotes from my past. We usually get six words for the week. We pick one word or more and write about it. My word was motorcycle. Some people, when they are young, love to show off by having a better […]

  • School Stories: Last enrichment period

    Last Wednesday was the last of the six-week enrichment periods. The girls did a good job with their scrapbook albums. Here they are showing off their albums. They asked if they could do a funny face photo too! Each girl had to tell a little bit about their photos. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. It […]

  • School Stories: Enrichment Wednesday

    Today was the day that the school’s students started the first of their six enrichment sessions. They could choose one of the following workshops: building, scrapbooking, origami, paper mache, Zumba, enviro-ness, cake decorating, stop motion,walking group, bushcraft/camping, computer programming for beginners, storytelling(with puppets), golf, baking, terrarium making. I am doing the scrapbooking. Here are the […]

  • Blogging from A-Z: Letter O- Omaramba

    OMARAMBA I have been a very keen scrapbooker since 2004. I was never interested in pasting photos into albums till December 2004. A teacher friend and I decided to do some craft stuff during the holidays. My friend wanted to make a dream catcher and I decided to go with her . We could not […]