Photo 101, Day Five: Solitude


Day 5- Photo 101

Rule of thirds.

Pink Cornflower
Pink Cornflower

Anchor it! Sunday Photo Fiction – May 24, 2015

A pair of Anchors

Anchor It!

Twenty years after the disaster Captain Jones, now eighty years of age, stood with tears in his eyes when he unwrapped the anchors of his ship.

The anchors that saved everybody’s lives. If it had not been for these anchors the ship would have crushed on the rocks and nobody would have survived.

That dark night, Jones got the oman that something was going to happen. He got up and went to the upper deck and steering cabin. He could hear, by the way the waves were breaking, that the ship was in trouble. On the instruments he saw  they were near the shoreline. Huge boulders and rocks sticking out. Jones could not see them but he knew they were dangerous. He let down the anchors,  pulled the siren to evacuate.

The anchors balanced the ship till all were in the lifeboats. The ship broke in half and sank.

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Photography 101: Triumph + Weekend Four

Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph.


I did every day a photo as asked!

I am very proud of myself for doing it.

Here are some photos I have taken on my last outing.

I feel I have captured them very well.

I love the water reflecting on the hull of the boat!


Zooming in to give depth!

Just two interesting photos