Weekly Prompts: Special

Today’s challenge is a Valentine’s Day Special, and the challenge word is ‘Special’.

GC and I don’t normally set a Friday challenge, but hey, it’s a special day so why not. And on this special day we would like you to tell us or show us what is special to you. It could be a colour, a flower, a meal, a place or a person, in fact, it could be anything at all.

Beatrix on the trampoline.

Mummy and Daddy went out last night for a Valentine’s dinner. Ouma, looked after me. I had lots of fun. My Ouma is special and I am special to her too. We love each other.

Land of the long white cloud

This morning I was greeted by the “Long white clouds.

Just beautiful.


The brown patch is where pine trees have been harvested this year. Al the dark tree patches are waiting to be cut down next year.

High Tea

I am not English and never had the experience to go to an English High Tea. Two weeks ago I received an invitation:

Today was the day for the High Tea, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.