Trompie and his visitors!


It is nice and hot today!


Molly and Trompie enjoy each others company a lot.
Every morning they have a play session inside.


That is Luigi after he has been in the sun for about half an hour.

Enjoying a full sunbath.

Transient: The Daily Post, Photo Challenge

Drifters, nomads, and even the state of impermanence: this week, share your photos of transient.

For more information on the Photo Challenge please visit the following link:




Sun is shining.

The rainbow appears and disappears in a wink.

Taken from my doorstep!


Shine : The daily post : Photo Challenge


Has something bright or reflective caught your eye in the moment? Share a photo of something you were able to explore a bit! Says Nancy Thanki

Every afternoon walking my walk, I pass a Kindergarten with these shiny balls. I decided today to go and take some photos because the sun was shining after a few weeks of cloudy wet weather. Then, coming back home I saw the challenge “shine” and I had a perfect fit.



Skywatch Friday: This mornings sunrise and bad weather clouds in New Zealand

Could not help myself this morning.

The clouds were just awesome.

I have to share it with everybody.

Skywatch Friday – November 20,2014