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  • Swimming pools: Water Water Everywhere #25

    Photos by Jez invites – Create a Water Water Everywhere Photo Post. Add a link to your WWE blog post in my comment box or create a pingback by linking to my post. Title your post Water Water Everywhere or add WWE tag. Swimming pools Victoria Falls hotel pool, Zimbabwe

  • Swimming lesson

    Two weeks back Bea didn’t have a good lesson. I think it is boring being “forced” to do what Dad says. Bea thought it was the best thing to open her mouth wide and take mouths full of water, swallowing it. End result – she was sick in the car!  

  • Baby talk: Bea is getting there!

    It has been some time since I put on some photos. Time is passing so fast I can’t believe Beatrix is nearly walking on her own. Here Bea drinks out of a glass. Swimming goes very well. She held her breath for five seconds under water! Which is excellent and the goal of the sessions. The […]


  • Baby Talk: Last swimming lesson

    The end of the year and the last session. Little Bea enjoyed every moment of it!

  • Baby Talk: Swimming again

    Climbing out of the pool is important. Ready to go home!

  • Baby Talk: Ready for a swim

  • Afrikaanse Tokkel: Dankbaar

    Ek moet die volgende in Afrikaans deel. Afrikaans is en bly steeds my Moedertaal. Die afgelope week het ek weereens besef hoe wonderlik dit is om mens te wees op hierdie Godgegewe aarde. Dis nie net die besef dat daar n Hoër Hand is wat ons beskerm en bewaar nie. Dis ook die besef dat […]