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  • Creative Writing: A treasured object

    A Treasured Object Before writing my piece for “It’s Write Easy,”(my Friday writing group) I would think about what I want to write. It can take some days before I’ll sit down and start writing. It was the same this week. At first, I thought about the object that I wanted to use. I kept […]


  • Remembrance

      Like Jesus, every human being has enough memories in his past to occupy his time and thoughts continually. It is not the remembrance of these incidents but the reliving of them that creates havoc in our souls. Mother Angelica Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/remembrance.html REMEMDER! Unbelievable! After 25 years, I am standing here, looking at […]

  • Childhood: Memoirs

    About my life and past I  always wanting to please others. I can’t stand up for myself and say what I think because I don’t want to hurt others. This is how it still is today  I feel I am always coming last. I can’t remember much of growing up, only small events come up and […]

  • Blogging 201: Branding and Growth!

    Today is the big day! For two weeks I am going to try to improve my blog. Day one: Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve.  This is what I decided on Work through my own thoughts & experiences, publish and illustrate […]