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Time is running out!

All dressed up and ready for the wedding!

I wonder?

Here comes the organising sister again. I don’t have time to think about problems anymore. “What’s wrong?” I whispered. “We can’t get the music going! You have to help.”

I hate it, why can’t they think for themselves. I am so nervous and now I have to resolve another issue.

When is she coming? It is already 3:30pm. Thirty minutes late! I am sweating, do I still look good? This bow tie is very hot and I can’t breath.

Ah, something is happening now! Here they come at last.

Mother first, flower girls…… nothing……. waiting. Music  is playing now, father and my beautiful wife to be.

She took my arm and whispered softly: “They forgot to pick me up. I had to drive myself to church”

This made me smile and relax a bit.