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  • Last on the card: Sept 2022

    Please visit https://bushboy.blog/2022/10/04/last-on-the-card-2/ for instructions on how it works. The last photo on my phone was of our creek, full of water!

  • No rain coat.

    Last week we had rough weather. Rain, wind, sunshine, frost, snow. You name it we had it. One afternoon when I had to pick Bea up from Kindy it was raining. I didn’t have Bea’s rain coat in the car. I brought my rain jacket and Bea enjoyed wearing it.

  • Silent Sunday: Rosella

    Rain and a lone Rosella in a tree! From my front door. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_rosella The eastern rosella (Platycercus eximius) has become naturalised in New Zealand.[2] By the 1970s the population, probably originally from cage escapees, was strongly established throughout Auckland, Northland, and the far north, extending into west Waikato, as far south as Kawhia and Te Kuiti, and east to […]


  • Where are my gloves?

    I did my washing on Saturday because it was announced that the weather would change that night. Did the weather change? Wow, we had heavy rain since Yesterday. Sunday afternoon I folded up all the washing and put it away. Monday morning I missed my pair of gloves. I looked in the cupboard, under the […]

  • Swimming lesson

    Two weeks back Bea didn’t have a good lesson. I think it is boring being “forced” to do what Dad says. Bea thought it was the best thing to open her mouth wide and take mouths full of water, swallowing it. End result – she was sick in the car!  

  • School Stories: Wild windy weather

    Wild windy weather and water everywhere. The entrance gateway had so much water children had to go round the office block to reach the before school care room. Ella went around while Jordan and Tessa waded through the deep water. Tessa struggled with her umbrella. No use at all, wind blowing at 150 km ph and […]

  • Afrikaanse Tokkel:Net vir Toorts

    Nou het ek darem n pragtige prentjie in my kop van Toortsie met haar plakkies aan! Die beesmissies peul tussen haar tone. Spatsels missies tot hoog teen haar bene op. Gaan loer hier wat sy aangevang het: Koei roll call Hier in NZ was die eerste woorde aan my toe ek gaan kyk het hoe die plaas lyk […]