House Sitting(3): Last animals

There were many birds around.

As soon as it got light(not sunrise yet) Tui’s sang their songs.(5 am)

Tui’s also ended the day just after dark.(9.30 pm)

There was also a flock of sheep that we had to keep an eye on.

They were in a paddock not far from the house.

From the bedroom, we could see them grazing.

One day we had very heavy rain pouring down.

The movement of the running water amused Trompie.


My last one on this house sitting is going to be about Trompie inspecting everything every morning and evening.

Also the beauty of the landscape and place.


Tragedy : FFfAW – Week of 09-08-2015

Pushing his face flat against the wet window Timmy could still not see much.

He knew that his special friend was in the garden. He had seen him before the torrential rain started falling an hour ago.

Timmy is a special little boy who loves to live in his own dreamworld. He has to amuse himself because he is disabled and can’t really use his legs. His Mum pushed the wheelchair next to the window because she knows he loves to look outside and talk to his friend. “Mum,” shouted Timmy: “ Sandy is outside, he can’t swim. I have to save him!” Timmy opened the window, pushed himself up and out of the window. The rain was pouring down on him. The shock of the sudden wet and cold water prevented Timmy to call out for help.

Ten minutes later Timmy’s mother stood in shock with the body of her son in her arms. She was too late to save him from drowning.

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On the way: The Daily post: Photo Challenge.


Going for a lovely cup of Devon-shire tea with scones.

A cock cock-a-doodling!


Some hens and a white pigeon are his family!

Looking up at the window!


Mr Sparrow picking up something from the table and then on his way again!


Path back to the car!


FFfAW 4-8-2015 : Through the window.

I first thought of not writing this time.

I had a look at the photo and here it goes.

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Through the window

Here I am, waiting again for the follow up episode of suspense.

Yesterday was a really bad day. I was sitting right here. Looking out the window as we are doing just now.

I was listening to the lovely sound of the wind chimes. I love the sound, it is like angels playing a tinkling tune. Suddenly another noise was coming from the left side. A humming noise. Louder and louder till…..

I saw them. They were green and sparkling. They had these feelers on their heads. Their eyes were flashing red. It looked as if they were going to float right through the window. I sat nailed to my chair. They put a written sign against the window saying: We will be back tomorrow!

This is why I called you. I want you to see them and tell my daughter that they were really here.

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Depth : The Daily Post Photo Challenge


These are two photos taken at my friend’s place.  The first one is from the kitchen, through the side window. The second is just the opening cord of the blinds.

Through the kitchen window
Through the kitchen window


Photography 101: Glass

Incorporate a form of glass into your image to add a layer of complexity.


 Strange how things happen sometimes.

Yesterday I did glass in Black and White.

Here are the same photos in color!

From above
From above
From the side
From the side
Window of TSB Bank Arena
Window of TSB Bank Arena