Wanderlust: The Daily Post Photo challenge

David W at WordPress asks this week:

Have you travelled anywhere exciting lately? This week, let’s see where you’ve been.


Join in the fun!


First visit to Zimbabwe


Picture 017

Our hotel at Victoria Falls

Picture 022

First sight of Victoria Falls at sun rise

Picture 019

Baobab tree and street vendors.

Picture 023

Statue of Livingston

Picture 025

Mighty Victoria Falls

The Zambesi was very dry due to the drought.

We crossed the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The helicopter which flew us over the Vic falls.

 Zilephone made from horns.

Picture 031

Sun-set trip on Zambesi River.

Picture 035

We had a boat trip on the Chobe River and saw many elephants.

The last sunrise over the Victoria Falls.

The mist that thunders.

Picture 040


Forces of nature : The Daily Post : Photo Challenge

Forces of Nature

This week, share a force of nature from your corner of the world.

I took the following photos  2004

my corner of the world

Force of Nature

Victoria Waterfall


Mist from the Falls
Mist from the Falls
Mist of Vic Falls sunrise
Mist of Vic Falls sunrise


I visited the falls again with my sister.

There was lots of water.

The Falls were covered in mist and

every now and again the mist lifted and

we could see parts of the falls.

My sister took the following photos.

Mighty Forces of nature.