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The map : Picture it and Write 74


The gang leader decided that he was going to do something to shock the community.

He knew they hated him for the ways he used to eliminate people and animals. It felt good to him when he thought back of all the occasions he used his gang members to do the job for him.

Looking at the map he had sent out to the community made him grin. He warned them to be on the lookout. He was ready to destroy them all!

The map showed the creek running through the small town. One could see something unusual growing in the water. On the flyer he had a website link printed which people could lock into.

People love to click on those links he thought. That was where the countdown would start.

Each one who opened it would be caught by the spell he had put on line.




Day 15 : LAUGH – 31 Days of FMFW

31 Days logo - 2015

Day 15


Laughing is the best and cheapest medication on earth. Happy people are healthy people.

Every Wednesday I go to the Mayfair Cafe for a cup of tea with some dear friends. We talk about all that is happening in our lives. Usually when we have exchanged the problems and illnesses we move on and talk about things that are light hearted and make us laugh. There is always one who would start laughing and the next is that we are all joining in the fun.

I sometimes laugh out loud when I see my dog Trompie and his girlfriend Molly playing. I am at my son’s place looking after their two Yorkies and Trompie. Every morning when I open up the two Yorkies they rush into the bedroom looking for their Human parents. Then the playing starts. Molly is a real jack in the box. Up and down, on and off the bed. Sometimes she even stands on her head. Trompie is usually right behind her. She also love to jump on top of Trompie.

This whole playing episode each morning makes me laugh every time they do it.

Without laughter life would be a pain and very dull. Keep on laughing and enjoy life!

Toeka-Tokkel no 43 : BADTYD/WATER

Image result for bathtime for dogs


Badtyd kan n plesier of n nagmerrie wees.

Ons, wat kinders het, weet dat badtyd vir kinders en babas n groot plesier is. Veral babatjies voel geborge en ontspanne as hul daarvan hou. Alles hang ook maar van die volwassene se optrede en hantering van badtyd. As die ouer gespanne is, is die kinders ook nie gemaklik met badtyd nie.

Ek  hou self daarvan om elke dag te bad( eintlik te stort.) Dit maak nie net skoon nie maar ontspan die spiere ook n bietjie.

Iemand vir wie die badtyd n nagmerrie is, is Trompie my hond. Soos ek gesê het as mens self gestress voel, voel hul dit.

Eerste keer wat ek hom in die bad gesit het, het hy hom teëgesit omdat die ou Mies te gespanne was. My bad is laag en die rand hoog, ek moet hom optel en dan laat sak in die bad. Eers klou hy aan my vas en kry ek nie eers sy voete in die water gesit nie. Dit was laaste keer wat ek hom probeer bad het.

My buurvrou het hom, in die verlede, in haar stort gebad as dit nodig was. Hy het dan vir dae nie naby haar gekom nie. Eendag sit sy in n babaswembad. Sy gryp Trompie en gooi hom toe in die swembadjie. Toe kom hy vir lank gladnie weer by haar nie.

My seun het hom eenkeer gebad en dit was ook n gedoente en die laaste keer. Hy vat nie nonsies nie en nou vertrou Trompie hom gladnie om saam in die badkamer te gaan nie. Selfs die hondesalon vertel dat hy hul sommer om die nek of om die arm met sy voorpote vasklou as hul hom wil bad.

Hierdie jaar het ek besluit ek moet dit tog weer self doen want ek en buurvrou is nie meer op te goeie voet nie.

Dit was okay as ek hom eenmaal in die bad het. Maar ai, daardie optel en insit is n ander storie. Hy is ongelukkig te swaar vir my om op te tel en ek moet dit eintlik nie self doen nie. My lyf is mos ook nie meer vandag se kind nie en die optellery en oorbuig in die bad is nie ideaal nie.

Elke geval, wat kan mens anders doen as jy op jou eie bly met n hond wat badtyd- fobie het!

Image result for bathtime for dogs

TOEKA-TOKKEL is vir almal wat daarvan hou om te gesels oor hul alledaagse ondervindings.

Kom geniet dit en deel jou vertellings deur dit in n pos te skryf.

Noem asb Toeka-Tokkel sodat ander ook kan lees wat almal sê.

Plak jou skakel in by my kommentaar en dit is te lekker om te lees.


Die volgende mense wil ek bedankie vir hul oulike bydraes oor bestuur.

I scrap 2(die uwe) Hoe ek my bestuurslisensie gekry het.


Spokie het die mooiste veredosse bespreek


Thulana debatteer wie is beter bestuurders!


Toorts oor bestuur van groot maatskappye…


en steeds Toorts wat terugdink aan haar eerste bestuur van n rytuig


Searching for iron man  Vertel oor bestuur in Kaapstad, Dubai en Perth


Dankie ook aan Kameel vir wie bestuur n nagmerrie is, Tina(my suster) en nowathome vir jul kommentaar.

Volgende Tema/onderwerp :  BIBLIOTEEK

Day 14: Fly – 31 Days of FMFW

31 Days logo - 2015

Day 14


Fly me to the moon came up as soon as I wrote the key word fly. I feel like flying in the breeze of excitement. The weather is better today after yesterday’s cold wind and some heavy showers during the day. My ebook is live again and I am going to give it away for free to promote it. The idea makes me fly, just thinking that I have done it all on my own. My friends at the Mayfair where I have a cup of tea every Wednesday made me feel happy and free to have friends like that who support me. We are members of Upper Hutt Time Bank and are a lovely group together every week. They flew with me on this book journey, which I really appreciate.

Something that makes me feel as if I can fly is that I enrolled in a six week course of writing short stories. It starts next Wednesday and I am looking forward to meet same minded people. I feel to fly to the moon now!

Day 13: Patience 31 Days of FMFW

31 Days logo - 2015

Day 13


Being busy writing and editing every day is very time consuming. The last 3 months I had to be very patience with myself at times.  I had to read and read and read again every time I wanted to do something before I could publish my e-book. First I had to read and edit my pieces of writing. Then I had to give it to friends to proofread. The first two were quick to give it back to me. I changed the parts. Then I gave the manuscript to a friend who has done proof reading. I had to be patience because she really went through all. It took long before I got half of the manuscript back. In the meantime I started my cover. To edit the photo did not take much but to put the wording on was also a job of patience. Then it worked and then I didn’t know how to save it. Back to the drawing board again. I changed my program and it worked. After putting it on Amazon and used their program the name and author was just printed over my wording. Sigh! Cleaning it up took a lot more patience. I am not totally happy with the book yet but I will get there with lots of more patience.

New cover!

No stopping : FFfAW – 10/06/2015

Thank you to Etol Bagam for providing our prompt photo this week.

The stage was ready for the world’s best show.

During the last rehearsal everything went as planned. Everybody knew what to do  during every moment  of the performance.

Tim, the famous organist felt a tinge in his left hand. He wasn’t worried too much, as soon as he started playing everything would be fine. He had it before. He did not mention it to anyone.

The hall was packed. All were waiting to hear Tim play.

Soft music came from behind the curtains.

Slowly, very slowly, the curtains opened. Tim sat in front of the organ ready to play. The spotlights were full on him. He put his fingers on the keys.


He could not use his left hand.

He started playing the melody with his right hand. The audience did not know during the whole performance that he used only one hand.

Perfect performance!

Word count: 149

One Four Challenge – October – Week 2

Week 2

IMG_1126 b

Exposure: Highlight, shadows,contrast

Focal black and white

Focal zoom

Rounded corners , plain frame.

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