Leftovers: Free

If you have any food you won’t use or don’t want, you can come to this stall and exchange it for something you might use, or just leave it there for someone who could use it.

20180908_162644 This stall is just across the road from me.

Beautiful nails

Stella, my daughter in law, is doing a course in nails and pedicure. I am a model to practice on. She did an excellent job with my nails.

These are my own nails. I think they look very cool for a beginner! What do you think?


Day 13: Patience 31 Days of FMFW

31 Days logo - 2015

Day 13


Being busy writing and editing every day is very time consuming. The last 3 months I had to be very patience with myself at times.  I had to read and read and read again every time I wanted to do something before I could publish my e-book. First I had to read and edit my pieces of writing. Then I had to give it to friends to proofread. The first two were quick to give it back to me. I changed the parts. Then I gave the manuscript to a friend who has done proof reading. I had to be patience because she really went through all. It took long before I got half of the manuscript back. In the meantime I started my cover. To edit the photo did not take much but to put the wording on was also a job of patience. Then it worked and then I didn’t know how to save it. Back to the drawing board again. I changed my program and it worked. After putting it on Amazon and used their program the name and author was just printed over my wording. Sigh! Cleaning it up took a lot more patience. I am not totally happy with the book yet but I will get there with lots of more patience.

New cover!