Childhood: Memoirs

About my life and past

I  always wanting to please others. I can’t stand up for myself and say what I think because I don’t want to hurt others. This is how it still is today  I feel I am always coming last.

I can’t remember much of growing up, only small events come up and then go again.

The ” It’s write easy” sessions every Friday helps me to get closure in my life.

I always had someone in my life that dominated me.

First, it was my father keeping me away from enjoying my life as a scholar. The first years while we were living in Pretoria and then in Erasmia, a tiny “dorpie” (village or small town) at first was quite good. I had a few best friends at school. They even came to my home to play, and I could go on a Friday afternoon and play at their places. The school had only four teachers, and we all played and learned as if we were a big happy family. My school work was of high standard and I also enjoyed the after school activities like “korfball” * and athletics. In my last year in primary education, I was the best girl athlete in school.  

Then came the bad years. We moved to a “plot”**, away from anything. When I look back on those years, we lived a life of going nowhere.  I did not have any friends during my High school years. There was no opportunity to make friends. I could not take part in any after school events because my father did not want to pick me up afterwards. (I understand it was difficult for him, it was out of his way to pick me up) My school work did not go well. I can’t remember if there was time for homework at all.

We did not have electricity at home. We still used candles. I had to get up early, help my mother to milk the goats and then off to school in the school bus that took about an hour to get to school.  Coming back by bus in the afternoons, I had to look after the goats while they were grazing in the fields.

I got more and more lonely. Nobody to talk to, nothing. At the end I passed high school every year, I don’t know how but I did. Those years were very hard years.

I appreciate it that my parents looked after me that well. I could actually never expand my way or use my ideas.  I was always criticised no matter what I said or did.




a small piece or area of ground:

a garden plot; burial plot.

a measured piece or parcel of land:

a house on a two-acre plot.


The road taken : Memoirs

A memoir (from French: mémoire: memoria, meaning memory or reminiscence) is a collection of memories that an individual writes about moments or events, both public or private, that took place in the subject’s life. The assertions made in the work are understood to be factual.
Since 2012 I have been writing my Memoirs for a writing group here in Upper Hutt called
“It’s write easy,”  I am going to share some of my writing under MEMOIRS here on my blog. I hope you the reader will enjoy reading it and some comments or tips would be appreciated.
The past week the Photo challenge on The Daily post was THE ROAD TAKEN.
Here is my take on it.


Life is like a road. Sometimes an endless uphill one, or an open, straightforward road. Sometimes there are bumps and sometimes smooth as velvet or silk.

The road I had taken in my early years of teaching and then marriage had lovely open ways but also many high mountains to cross. Lucky for me I had an excellent Driver during hard rides.

My first twenty-six years I went with the family flow. School, studies and for four years after qualifying I had the opportunity to be at home with my parents.

1972 I spread my wings and took the road to Potgietersrus today Mokopane. I had thirteen good years there. Love bit me, and my wedding followed. I moved to Secunda. My marriage route was most of the time fantastic but, the road wasn’t smooth at all at the end. After thirteen years in Secunda, I packed my car again and followed the road back to Potgietersrus.


Another thirteen years went by until my next big move to Upper Hutt. The road to New Zealand was also not plain sailing at times. In 2010 I had to travel back to South Africa because my permanent Residency did not come through in time. Going back gave me another opportunity to take the road, by bus, through Botswana and Zimbabwe again. I could also take a trip down memory lane to where I grew up.

Today after being in Upper Hutt for eight years I don’t think that there will be another move again.


One never knows where your life road goes. Trust is very crucial when one takes an unknown road/way…

Afrikaanse Tokkel:Perdeby en spinnekop

EINA! Arme spinnekop is verlam en mevrou Perdeby karwei hom na haar nes teen my huis se muur uit.

Die volgende drie fotos het my dadelik laat dink aan Perdebytjie se storie met haar verlamde spinnekop wat sy aan die lewe probeer hou het vir n tydperk.


Macro Moments challenge week 32

“This is a place to share the beauty of macro photography and learn from each other.  Please join in!  A new challenge begins each Wednesday, and I announce the winner from the previous week when I post the new challenge.” says Susan at:

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 32

My take this week are two tiny bugs on the stem of a hops plant.img_2807

No tri-pot

Canon EOS 450D

1/200 sec, F 5.6

Macro setting