Non fiction creative writing

I completed an intensive non-fiction creative writing four-week course. The second week I felt I couldn’t keep up because it was way too intense for me with my little knowledge of the English language. I pushed through and learned a lot.

The last piece was different from the first three weeks. We had to write the information or story in a different way.

Science experiment

Guidance to inexperienced infants and dogs.


Do juveniles and dogs require an adult/human to take care of and safely manage them?

Why is it critical for adults to be with young children while interacting with animals?

Keywords: Parents, two girls-one five years, the other one-two year, two Yorkshire terriers, chickens, one hen with chickens, young cattle, bull and cows.


The recent weekend I, as granny, visited my children residing on a farm since the Easter Weekend. Everything is new for the whole household.

We all went out to have a look at the animals. 

The experiment is to test whether adults are essential to be with young children and administer them. Likewise, why it is critical to control your animals, in this event, two Yorkshire Terriers, chickens and cattle?

Expected result: Parents should constantly try to watch out for animals and inexperienced children to keep them safe.

Young children and dogs need to learn to identify danger when wandering into the paddocks with cows and chickens.

Grown-ups are essential to keep children and dogs safe.


Walk with infants and talk to them about risks 

The hens are running loose. Molly, one dog, went after the hen with her chickens. Mom called Molly back. Before she could turn around, the hen charged at Molly and frightened her. She listened to the call and dodged the attack from the hen.

Next, Bea, the five-year-old, wished to go into the paddock with the young cows. The cows were interested in the movement and getting closer. Mommy advised her to gently go nearer. That didn’t materialize; Bea took off running to the cows. Alarming situation. The cows raced up to her. The thread was that they’ll trample her. That’s why an adult needs to oversee them and keep them safe. Mom yelled to slow down and turn around and get back. Luckily, Bea turned around and ran. The cows moved closer.

Mom chased the cows away, and Bea safely arrived at the gate. 


Without guidance, Bea wouldn’t have made it; that’s why parents/adults are essential when youngsters take a stroll on a farm.


The situation was an eye-opener for the parents; there are regular cases in the news cautioning against letting juveniles roaming on their own.

Dear reader,

What do you think of this piece of writing?

Did it pull you in to read up to the end?

What do you suggest adults should do or not do?

Any suggestions to make the writing more interesting?

Thank you for reading and maybe reporting back, much appreciated.

No Silent Sunday

My friend and I had a lovely hour listening to our local Ukelele players. They could sit outside in the fresh air on the balcony. My friend and I sat inside, listening and singing along.

I went to my friend’s place for a cuppa. We hadn’t seen each other since 2019 before Covid struck New Zealand. It was a huge catch up on both sides. For dinner, I bought us a Big Mac burger to end the visit. My friend even had ice cream for dessert.

Holiday adventures with grandchildren.

Amelia on her way to the Paradise ducks who were swimming in the cow’s drinking trough.

Luigi and Molly tired after their visit to the Wild West(farm).

It’s the school holidays; Bea built this jig saw puzzle. Some of her paintings. She keeps herself busy drawing, painting and watching TV.

Today we went to the library and she took out three books to read and look through at home.

Saying goodbye to Ouma at the gate.

Wordsless Wednesday: Barberton Daisy


Barberton daisy is the common name for the Gebera Jamesonii, also known as the Transvaal or Gerbera daisy.

Native to South Africa this species is a perennial in warmer climates but in cooler countries (temperate regions) it’s grown as an annual and flowering pot plant.

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