Reflecting: The Daily post Photo Challenge

Whether it’s water or some other reflective surface, what have you seen recently that has changed your perspective on the view?

A while ago I took photos of a rehabilitation hospital which has been closed because of many obstacles that made the running of it impossible.

I could not go inside and had to take photos through the dirty windows.

My thoughts ran away with me when I saw the empty rooms;

empty rooms used twenty-five years ago for helping addicted people.

Reflections from me on the outside windows.






Motorbike experience: Memoirs

May 5, 2017. It’s write Easy.  Every Friday I join a writing group and write anecdotes from my past. We usually get six words for the week. We pick one word or more and write about it. My word was motorcycle.


Some people, when they are young, love to show off by having a better motorcycle than their best friends.

My son, while at school was and still is a big motorcycle fan.

While in school he bought himself a field motorbike with his money selling newspapers. It took him two years to put the money together. It was a second-hand motorcycle, and most of the time he was busy trying to fix it. As soon as it was roadworthy again, he would go off with lots of noise and speed up and down the dirt track near our house.

He studied at the Technikon in Pretoria. After a year of using a yellow Austin Mini which I gave him as his first vehicle, he bought himself a black streamlined motorcycle.  He enjoyed to ride it. He even would drive the hundred and fifty kilometres home on the weekend to visit me.

Some years later he told me that he nearly killed himself driving down a steep hill. He drove downhill and lost control, ventured on the pavement, and almost bumped full on into a signboard pole which stopped him. He showed me photos of the brake marks on the road and sidewalk. Lucky for him that he missed it by a few millimetres.


One of the first things my son did when he arrived in New Zealand he bought himself a motorcycle. He even bought a second which he tried to modernise his own way. He loved fiddling with the engines. Nowadays he is more into designing and making electronic boards which bring in some money to help pay the bills now that he has expanded his family.

Shadow: The Daily Post, Photo Challenge

Starting today, weekly photo challenges will be up on Wednesdays (instead of Fridays). Challenges are still weeklong, so the next one will be posted on Wednesday, February 15. Happy camera-snapping! Says Cheri at:

Come and join in the fun each week. This week take a photo of a



Two tiny frogs

I mentioned in my previous post about the frogs I had to feed while house sitting high up in the hills near Upper Hutt New Zealand.

Here are more photos. They were so tiny when I took these photos at my arrival. After the two weeks feeding them flies they were twice the size.




Macro Moments Challenge week 26

Tiny frog.

During my house sitting, I had to feed two frogs and

about twenty tadpoles.

This frog is just under one centimetre.


Taken with a Canon EOS 450D

I put the lens against the glass of the fish tank.


Macro Moments Challenge: Week 26

for more information.

Shine : The daily post : Photo Challenge


Has something bright or reflective caught your eye in the moment? Share a photo of something you were able to explore a bit! Says Nancy Thanki

Every afternoon walking my walk, I pass a Kindergarten with these shiny balls. I decided today to go and take some photos because the sun was shining after a few weeks of cloudy wet weather. Then, coming back home I saw the challenge “shine” and I had a perfect fit.



Nostalgia. The daily Post. Photo Challenge.Nostalgies(Afrikaans)


What kinds of experiences stir emotions for the past within you?

For this challenge, show us what nostalgia means to you — perhaps a moment or scene that makes you feel wistful, happy, sad, or somehow longing for the past. It might be with friends, family, or by yourself — anywhere, any time of year.

Sheep with lambs in a paddock.

Reminds me of spring time in years gone by, farming with goats while I was still a teenager.

Skape met lammers maak my nostalgies.  Dit herinner my  aan die jare van boerdery met melkbokke.

Springtime makes me nostalgic. All new life, blooms, bees, warmer weather. Just wonderful.


Kowhai blossoms

Trompie also enjoys spring more than wet winter.

Trompie geniet ook die warmer weer.

Toeka-Tokkel no 33: n Eienaardige ondervinding/ervaring

Olga kry n ere-plekkie, sy het opwinding gedoen en ook die kos deel! Mooi man.

Gaan lees gou haar opwinding hier

Toeka-Tokkel is maklik en lekker. Skryf afrikaans en deel dit met ons almal. Gee n pingback na my blog sodat ander ook kan lees wat jy alles te vertelle het.

Ons nuwe tema is:

n Eienaardige ondervinding/


Sondag namiddag, so drie dertig se kant.Dringende klop aan die deur.
Wonder wie sal nou op n Sondagmiddag hier so dringend klop? My loseerder is reeds hier. Dis dus nie hy wat sy voordeursleutel vergeet het nie.
Hondekind blaf nogal ernstig, hy snuif, snuif onder deur die deur.
Ek maak die deur,vol verwagting,oop. Ja nee, ek moes dit verwag het. Hier staan my buurvrou, so half na die eenkant voor my deur(Gewoonlik as sy klop bly sy voor die deur net onder trappies staan.)
“Ek wil jou net waarsku daar was iemand hier rond…… My petrolkannetjie met tien doller petrol in is weg. Die petrol is vir grassnyer!… Wil jou net waarsku…… Dis gladnie snaaks nie!…” Sy draai om en loop terug na haar eenheid.
Nou moet ek net byvoeg, sy sny so nou en dan my gras as sy hare ook sny. Ek het net n klein stukkie wilde-gras grasperkie. Ek gee haar so nou en dan darem so n geldjie. Sy doen dit egter uit vrye wil om gras te sny. Ek vra haar gladnie.
Na die gebeurtenis sit ek toe nou en dink. Hoekom het sy dit vir my kom sê?
1. Sy soek n drink geldjie
2. Sy soek geselskap?(wat ek gladnie meer vir haar gee nie.)
3. Sy soek moeilikheid,of te wel is op oorlogspad omdat haar koppie bietjie raas van al die geheime snapsies.
Vreemde vrou, die buurvrou van my. Ek kan boekdele skryf oor die ondervindings wat ek al met haar gehad het.

Hier is n foto van my buurvrou. Sy was my eerste model in 2012 vir my fotokursus. Sy was heel uitgevat vir geleentheid. Ek het baie goeie terugvoer van die “tutor”(Afr woord vergeet!)



Ons volgende tema gaan wees: BESOEKERS

Die volgende persone het lekker kos gesels:

Olga het jummy, jummy lekker fotos

Tannie Frannie skryf oor kindertjies en kossie

Toorts het n baie insiggewende stuk geskryf

Toortsie se Toeka Tokkel oor KOS!

Kameel skryf oor kos wat uitgedeel word

Gee jy vir hulle

Baie, baie dankie vir jul bydraes. Dit word opreg waardeer.

Ek het vergeet om

Dis Ekke se skakel in te sit.


Spring Festival in Upper Hutt

Saturday morning was cold and wet. I had to help man our table from 10:30  to 12:30.

I am a member of Soroptimist Upper Hutt. We had a table at the Spring Festival. We sold second-hand shoes and handbags.

Soroptimist Overview Print
Soroptimist International (SI) is a world wide organisation for women in management and the professions working through service projects to advance human rights and the status of women. Soroptimists work at all levels of civil society, local, national and international, and are involved with a wide spectrum of women’s concerns.

More photos on Spring Festival.