The second and last week of the holidays. I had a lot to do this morning.

Had to arrange an appointment for tomorrow with my gardener. Walk Trompie. Pack orders and get them ready to be posted.

Off I went about 10:30 am. Went to the Doggy parlour to make an appointment for Trompie’s groom. The lady was fully booked up until May 22.  Lucky for me she made an exception to groom him on Saturday, May 5th.

Then to the post office.

At 11:30 am I entered Pack-and-Save to buy my week’s groceries. I was halfway through when the alarm went off inside the store.

I thought: “What now?”

I left my trolley while the alarm was still screaming. I had experienced a few alarms going off in South Africa.

Then came the command: “Evacuate the store!” Only once.

No rush nothing! Workers were all moving out to the door encouraging the public to do so too. I saw that some elderly people were helped to get outside.

We had to move out onto the parking lot in the front of the shop. After about 5 minutes the fire brigade arrived.

I waited behind some workers.


One of the workers came to me and asked if I was okay and explained that the fire brigade had to first declare the place save before we could move back inside.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience to hear the alarm and to move outside.

It was only a fire drill!

Danger: The Daily Post Photo Challenge


There are dangers in  New Zealand we can’t predict.

Nature works on its own.

Sea, wind, rain, storms, earthquakes, cyclones…

Today I went shopping in one of our supermarkets.

The entrance looked like this!


This looks dangerous!

Here the walls of the shop are strengthened to protect it against strong earthquakes.

Look out! This week’s challenge is about the unexpected thrill of danger: says Michelle W