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  • Photo 101, Day six: Connect and tags

    Day Six: Connect & Tags A Spider’s web connected to each other by silken threads. This is how I see connect. Sometimes the connections are perfect Sometimes connections are broken. How do you see connect?

  • Off-Season: The daily post:Photo Challenge. Photo 101: weekend- composition. OFF-SEASON The Virginia creeper is turning red. This shows summer is gone and autumn is on the way – OFF-SEASON! PHOTO 101  Weekend One: Experiment with Composition Photo 1: I did a vertical shot composition. Photo 2: Horizontal shot of nearly the same spot.


  • Photo101: Day Three: Water & Orientation

    Telling a story through water. Horizontal photo Tattered rope and water background. Vertical photo Accentuates the tatter in the rope more. What do you think? Which one tells a better story?

  • Photo 101 : Day two : Street

    Day two: Street and Establishing shots. I changed the photo to look like the 1960’s Day Two: Street & Establishing Shots

  • Photography 101: Day one: My home – orientation

    Photo 101 starts with My Home Home is elusive. When we think about this word, we might picture different physical locations. And while home is often found on a map, it can also be less tangible: a loved one, a state of mind. My home on a map(real place)

  • Photography 101: Triumph + Weekend Four

    Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph. TRIUMPH I did every day a photo as asked! I am very proud of myself for doing it. Here are some photos I have taken on my last outing. I feel I have captured them very well. I love the water reflecting […]

  • Photography 101: Double

    Today, you and your camera are seeing double. DOUBLE

  • Photography 101: Edge

    Today is all about straight edges, and tweaking your image to ensure your lines are perfectly positioned. EDGE I straightened the railing. It still wasn’t straight as I wanted it. I straightened the photo again and feel it is better! What do you think? Luckily I still had the original still in my camera!

  • Photography 101: Glass

    Incorporate a form of glass into your image to add a layer of complexity. GLASS  Strange how things happen sometimes. Yesterday I did glass in Black and White. Here are the same photos in color!

  • Photography 101: Treasure

    Show us something (or someone) you cherish, and get up close. TREASURE At the end 1973 one of my standard 1(year 3) gave me this powder case as farewell present. A compact (also powder box and powder case) is a cosmetic product. It is usually a small round metal case and contains two or […]

  • Photography 101: Landscape

    Landscapes generally focus on wide, vast depictions of nature and all of its elements, from formations to weather. In this genre of photography, you won’t find much of a human presence: nature itself is the subject. A focus on nature isn’t mandatory, however — you can capture a sweeping panorama of an entire city, town, […]

  • Photography 101: Swarm

    Show us a swarm today: large group, moving together. Birds. Bugs. Kids. Taxi cabs. Your subjects can be big or small, animate or inanimate — whatever they are, you just need a lot of them. Today I had the opportunity to roam around in Wellington, New Zealand. I only brought my small digital camera […]