Leftovers: Free

If you have any food you won’t use or don’t want, you can come to this stall and exchange it for something you might use, or just leave it there for someone who could use it.

20180908_162644 This stall is just across the road from me.

Names : The daily post : Photo Chalenge


Humans love naming things — look around you, and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one!



Big Mac and Angus Burger


Healthy eating.

Sharing food photos!

While I am on the topic of pizza and eating

I want to share some interesting NZ delicacies.

I bought some

paua fritters and

NZ hotdogs

while I had the Japanese student.

We decided not to get the fritters and hot dogs again!

My student also brought a small frying pan and utensils with her to bake Japanese Rolled eggs.

She gave these to me as present.

Then also some handkerchiefs as she calls them.

Christmas lunch!

At last I have some Christmas photos!

A very lovely lady and good friend invited me for the Christmas lunch with her and her family.

During the week I asked what time they are going to start.

About 2-ish was the answer.

From about 12 I was sitting waiting for 2 o’clock.

1 o’clock the phone rang:

Are you still coming?

was the question!

I was supposed to be there at twelve.

In a hurry I got dressed.

Off I went!

I thoroughly enjoyed the time together.

All were already eating, I still could take some photos of the food.

Potatoes, kumaro, parsnip, pumpkin baked
Potatoes, kumaro, parsnip, pumpkin baked
fresh peas, baby marrow fresh from the garden
fresh peas, baby marrow fresh from the garden

I forgot to take a photo of the chicken and beef!

The sweetness afterwards was delicious.

Christmas pudding
Christmas pudding
Pavlova! Yummy!
Pavlova! Yummy!
Bowl with fresh fruit in juicy sauce
Bowl with fresh fruit in juicy sauce also was ice cream

We also had ice-cream and trifle with cream.

Wonderful meal!

It was an awesome time with my friend.

I am grateful to have friends like these!

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Grateful for a Friend’s Visit

Photography 101, Weekend One: Experiment with Composition

I went to the “gogreen expo” in Wellington today.


Here are some Compositions

Hungry bins


Food Matters








Just for fun!

IMG_8581 IMG_8579