JusJoJan: 10 Jan 2020: Dogs

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 10th, 2020, is “dogs.” Use the word “dogs” any way you’d like. Enjoy!


Talking about dogs makes my heart beat faster. Dogs are supposed to be a mans best friend. Why does it happen so often that man abuse them? They only want to give everything to their loved ones.

My favourite dog breed is the miniature Schnauzer. I bought one in 1980 and haven’t been without one or two since then. When I came to New Zealand in 2009 I decided not to get myself a dog again. Famous last words. It only took me nearly two years before I bought my dear Trompie. I told my son that I saw an advertisement for eight week old puppies on Trade me. He suggested that we should go and have a look. That was the worst decision I made, to just go and have a look. 

I love female dogs more than males. In the group of eight puppies was only one bitch and she was kind of sold already. I kept on looking at those sweet puppies. I couldn’t resist the urge to buy one. I had the money, so, why not buy one anyway. That’s what happened. We didn’t turn home empty-handed. On the ride home, we came up with the name of Trompie.

Trompie is the name of a young boy who is the leader of a group of boys who come up with all kinds of mischievous. A very popular series of books which was also later filmed.

Eating strawberries.

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JusJoJan 9 January 2020: "scrumptious"

 prompt for JusJoJan January 9th, 2020, is “scrumptious.” Use the word “scrumptious” any way you’d like. Have fun!


I love ice cream, scrumptious, yummy-yummy plain soft serve or cone. Licking it lick by lick. Once a week I buy myself one just to marvel in the scrumptious taste.

Something that I also love is “pap en wors” that is Afrikaans for a barbeque with a scrumptious tasting sausage and a maize /corn thick porridge with a delicious onion and tomato sauce. I don’t have a problem with eating but some meals are better than others. 

I also don’t have a very sweet tooth but those scrumptious chocolates with soft insides are also at times not to ignore.

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Last day of the year 2019

The last day of 2019 is done and dusted. Everybody is waiting for the big bang of midnight.

I’ve taken some photos of my surroundings this afternoon. It was a hot day and the sheep and cows came up early to the gate to be fed.

The valley below.

Sheep in the paddock.

Trompie sniffing around.

I completed my jig saw puzzle today, put some pen on paper and some scrap booking which I want to finish off tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all! Enjoy your last moments of 2019.

Pampoen – Steve Hofmeyer

Ek verlang na my liefste se skouer om net n oomblik gekoester te word.


Sing, sing jou woorde teen my vas
Bring, jou hele lewe in ‘n tas
Vat ‘n trein na Bloemfontein
En die 506 na Petrus Steyn
En as jy wil, vat daar ‘n bicycle
Volg, volg die grondpad teen die bult
Hol, oor die velde as jy wil
Hier wag ek die jare om
Vir ‘n stofwolk op die horison
Of iets soortgelyk, wat soos jy lyk

Ek’t nog ‘n vrot pampoen en ‘n stukkende skoen
En ‘n trekker wat se tyres lek
Vir alles wat ek aan jou gedoen het
Kom jy by my intrek
Ek’t nog ‘n vrot pampoen en ‘n stukkende skoen
En ‘n plaas wat ek afbetaal
Vir alles wat ek aan jou gedoen het
Kom jy om my te haal
Stuur, stuur my liefde vir jou ma
Maar, as jy kom los haar net daar
Want hier’s net plek vir drie van ons
dis ek en jy en ‘n af-oor hond
Sy naam is Roof, maar hy’s al jare doof
Bring, bring daai goedjies wat jou pla
En ek, maak ‘n ring van ogies draad
Ek spaar nog vir die diamant
En ‘n donkiekar vir die predikant
Ek sal moet blomme leen, tot dit eendag reen….


Woorde & Musiek: Steve Hofmeyr