Quote Challenge: Friendship

quotes Challenge

One of my best blog friends challenged me to write 3 quotes.

I am going to post 1 quote for three days.This is going to be in English.

After the three days, I’m going to do three more days but with Afrikaans quotes.

Thank you, Amanda, for the challenge.

Amanda loves quotes. Please visit her at


and see what she is up to!

QUOTE day one

Friendship needs no words –

it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness.

Dag Hammarskjold (1905 – 1961)

Image result for cute friendship drawings




  • Post three different quotes on consecutive days/weeks. They can be from any source or your own.  All three quotes can be of a similar theme or can all be completely different/unconnected.
  • I am going to post one quote in three consecutive posts, one post per day, but that is my variation on this challenge.
  • Nominate 3 people for the challenge.  [ In doing this, I don’t want to place pressure nor expectation that they need to accept or pass on the challenge.]
  • thank the person who nominated you by putting a link to their post.

I nominate the following three:




7 thoughts on “Quote Challenge: Friendship

  1. Lovely quote to start off, Ineke! Friendship is a wonderful theme. This quote of Dag’s is one that I have admired too. It makes you think about his intent. Did he suffer from loneliness? Did he find solace in close friends? I don’t know much about Dag’s life other than he is significant to Swedish people. Looking forward to more great quotes, Ineke! You and Trompie are a good friend to me too!


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