Three Things Challenge #118

Three Things Challenge #118

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The words for challenge 118 are:




I am busy writing my memoirs. At the moment I have childhood memories that make me smile. Didn’t know I had such a happy childhood.

Today I have a grandchild of three years. I pasted her 2019 photos in an album. Memories of a happy childhood that also make me smile.

JusJoJa: 14 January 2020: Publish

Our new prompt for today, January 14, is Publish

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To publish a book or even a blog post takes a lot of time. I’m not going to say that using long hours to publish is a waste of time. It seems that publishing is a long journey up to when the book is published. I’ve tried my hand at publishing a few e-books and one hard copy. I first published an ebook on my flash fiction pieces. That wasn’t a big success because I didn’t have a programme to send a pdf to create space. At the end I published it and it didn’t look good. Then I did an Afrikaans ebook through Smashwords which was/is much better. This is a book on what I have written every week on the challenge run by myself. Not bad, but I put hours and more hours in for some weeks to publish it. I am also part of a writing group where we write our memories on our past. I’ve got heaps of writing. Every year we publish (print) a book, taking about six to ten of our stories written during the year. 

The year before last I decided to publish the first part of my Memoirs. I published the stories of my first six years. I used the old “create space” and made a hard copy in print on demand and then also an eBook at the same time. I enjoyed publishing this book. When I hold it in my hand I am proud to say that it looks good. My friends also said it was worth publishing the story of my life. I’m now busy with my schooling years. Halfway with my primary years. It’s still a long way from publishing, but I enjoy working on my memoirs. 

Just Me: A Memoir by [Kruger, Ineke]
First part of my memoirs.

Just Me: A Memoir Kindle Edition

by Ineke Kruger (Author)

JusJoJan: 10 Jan 2020: Dogs

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 10th, 2020, is “dogs.” Use the word “dogs” any way you’d like. Enjoy!


Talking about dogs makes my heart beat faster. Dogs are supposed to be a mans best friend. Why does it happen so often that man abuse them? They only want to give everything to their loved ones.

My favourite dog breed is the miniature Schnauzer. I bought one in 1980 and haven’t been without one or two since then. When I came to New Zealand in 2009 I decided not to get myself a dog again. Famous last words. It only took me nearly two years before I bought my dear Trompie. I told my son that I saw an advertisement for eight week old puppies on Trade me. He suggested that we should go and have a look. That was the worst decision I made, to just go and have a look. 

I love female dogs more than males. In the group of eight puppies was only one bitch and she was kind of sold already. I kept on looking at those sweet puppies. I couldn’t resist the urge to buy one. I had the money, so, why not buy one anyway. That’s what happened. We didn’t turn home empty-handed. On the ride home, we came up with the name of Trompie.

Trompie is the name of a young boy who is the leader of a group of boys who come up with all kinds of mischievous. A very popular series of books which was also later filmed.

Eating strawberries.

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High Tea

I am not English and never had the experience to go to an English High Tea. Two weeks ago I received an invitation:

Today was the day for the High Tea, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Christmas presents with love.

The end of the year always brings happiness and joy. Children at school look forward going on holiday. They also love to hand out little gifts to their teachers and to us, as carers.

I appreciate every thank you, little card or present. This year I got a special cup.

Another present is bowl with marzipan strawberries.

And a handful of Christmas cards.

NaNoWriMo: Halfway 25 395 words, yeah!

National Novel Writing Month

Day eleven:

November 11; 2017 words

Still on people I met and befriended in Potgietersrus.

Day twelve:

November 12: 1706 words

Changes in South Africa after democratic elections.

Newspaper clippings

Day thirteen:

November 13: 1876 words

Concerts during my teaching career.

Working in libraries as librarians.

Total word count for thirteen days:

I DID IT: 25 395 words HALF WAY of 50 000.

Image result for writing drawings

NaNoWriMo Nov 7 – 10. 19801 words

National Novel Writing Month

Day 7:

1786 words

Scrap booking in my life

Day 8

1548 words

More ideas on my crafts

Vehicles I owned

Day 9

1131 words

Visit to Masterton NZ and a few hours with Bea.

Day 10

2011 words

People/friends I met/had in SA .

As soon as I started writing and thinking about people or friends I had in South Africa the more came up. I couldn’t stop writing.

Tomorrow I’m going on with more special people in my life.

Total for ten days

19 801 words

NaNoWriMo: Day 3. Animal behaviour.

National Novel Writing Month

November 3: Day three 2733 words

Gives a total of 6354 words of the 50 000 words

This time I completed my animal adventures by explaining becoming an animal behaviourist. My interest is dogs and how they react on human interference in their way of living as domestic animals.

NANOWRIMO: Day two Animals

National Novel Writing Month

November 2: 1959 words

Gives me 3621 words for two days.

I wrote about Animals in my life.

  • Milk Goats
  • Dogs : Alaskan Malamutes, Miniature Schnauzers, Boerboel.

Tomorrow I’m going on with Animals and tell about qualifying as an animal behaviourist.